July 14, 2011

In love...

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The love story starts when I became a lucky winner of a pair of Bensimon shoes.
I must confess - I was VERY skeptical when I read all the rave reviews. But today THE box came with the pair ADORABLE Bensimons. And THEN I put them on - I'm officially in love. Not only they are the MOST comfortable shoes I've EVER had ( and for my dancer feet that says a lot), but they are the most flattering and cute tennis shoes. I can completely and absolutely DANCE in them , pointed feet and everything. I say - through away all Converse and run to get some Bensimons!

PS I wear us 7- 7/12. European size 38 fit perfect.

July 05, 2011

I'm back!

I am back to with more posting. Keep checking in - lots of new fashions, designs and fun things are coming! XOXOXOXO


I have no idea why, but by some reason only the latest post is showing on the first page , even though I have it set for the last 7. Any help? I'd really appreciate it. It's driving me crazy.

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