December 11, 2012

The Insta - life, as IPhone sees it

 We just might be resurfacing from teething hibernation, 
and here is what was up while we were down:
above : my inspiration lately

A pajama party:

...or two. since they don't get to watch much of movies ( we prefer books and outside, but sometimes a christmas movie is nice), they were in HEAVEN. Two in a row too. 

And I couldn't help but wonder WHY we ever bother with toys. I mean  - who needs them?
Just look at this happy face. It's like Christmas came early.

And who needs play dough when you can have DOUGH to play with?
And then cook and eat? Way better. 

On the food note , we are in with civilization! Trader Joe's opened their first store here ( finally!).
Can I say - HAPPY?! Good food , great price, what else one can wish for? ( in the food world, of course) 

Except they under-estimated UT population. With 5 new trucks coming in DAILY, this is what the store looked like after 3 pm every day for the first week. Most of the shelves looked that way too. 
From overhearing the workers, apparently, they broke record in sales with this store. 

My heart-melting view on a rainy day ( before it became snowy). I wish I could let you hear the giggles that were coming from under that umbrella between the who of them....

Rainy day = indoor playground. Except they did not look like they were that fond of it...

And the cause of our hibernation... Vicious 9 teeth coming through at the same time. We had a lot of this... Heartbreaking...

Which caused her to be rather angry ( and i don't blame her... ) Here is the proof:

and tiresome one in the corner after throwing those chairs around...

Done with teeth cutting through and happily playing with all. I sat in the little rocking chair with my book and one more in my lap, but instead of reading couldn't take my eyes off this scene. So grown up. All of them. And this little baby - all of a sudden a little girl? When did that happen? And why can time be so cruel?

Nothing like life Christmas music (on a chilly snowy December night) to get you into the festive mood: 

And some snow angels, while she thought I was looking away. I love this little one. She is SO full of life! I love them all - naturally - but her absolutely different from all free spirit amazes me. I hope she never stops being herself. 

And the best quote ever. At least for right now. Makes me smile every time I see it.

The TRUTH of life: 

December 07, 2012

We are...

Please, forgive my lack of posting this week, we are a wee bit under the weather here. Nature's little dirty trick of 9 teeth coming at once , 4 of which are molars, kept every second of my time comforting, carrying, rocking, helping and loving my little one. It's not easy being a baby right now. 
But we are almost through it, with only 2 more to finish cutting through. 

On the other note, it's little girl's Birthday tomorrow, and because of those vicious teeth,  we are ... not prepared. I am thinking this cake, but as to the rest, i am absolutely clueless and my brain is fried from an absolutely sleepless week. I want to makes something fun and special for her.

Any Ideas? I'd love your help!

and as always -


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