September 27, 2009

Vote for me! Pleeeease!

I've been NOMINATED! For the FIRST time! And my blog is so young! I NEEEEED all your support! Please, please, please! Vote for me!

Please, please! Vote for me!

I've been nominated for the first time! Please, please, please, vote for me!

September 24, 2009

A little splash of color

Amazing how magical a little splash of color can be.

September 23, 2009

Small reflections

As we live here longer, so many things appear so different. You know that feeling of waking up after a long, long, long sleep , and looking at everything around you , seeing the same things you've seen before, remembering them and then , with the heart full of happiness, going on with life again. That is what I feel. So many things that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, but that got pushed away because they didn't fit or for some other reason, are back from the forgotten drawer, and it feel fabulous. One must be self to be happy. There is no other way. Be self, please be self. Don't deny what is in your heart and soul that is YOU. There is much more to it, then just feeling good. I wrote that in the style blog, but that is one thing I noticed about French women, that always look SO BEAUTIFUL {Not kidding here. All for reals. Gorgeous}. And they are completely HONEST selves.

Being in real world also made me realize how young I am and makes me feel like one too. Such a contrary feeling comparing to being in UT, where I felt like I was way behind on having a large family, was too busy with work and career, and just not fitting the "right" frame. Don't get me wrong : i know plenty of people that are VERY happy with such life, and I personally thing that it is WONDERFUL. And that is exactly WHY it is crucial to ones happiness and HEALTH to be his/her honest self. Being among the people of the same age and seeing how busy they are with work/dating/life/fun and many haven't even started their FAMILY yet, just makes me laugh inside and makes me really feel happy, and actually AHEAD. I know that a large city is not for everyone, and know plenty of people that cannot stand it, but it is for me. And seems like my children too, since they are fascinated with it and keep reasking to make sure we are staying "for a lon-lon-lon time' { and the fact that they were willing to completely give up ALL the toys for the cause of moving to nyc says even more so}.
I love the business of the streets, I love the people , I love the multitude of cultures. I love being self again. I never knew now much I was missing until I had it back. Be self. Be happy. Smile.

East and West. Interesting.

As we keep living here, I see more and more interesting differences, that just make me smile.
Take stores , for example.
* Target is a big hit here. Really. People love it. Designers use it. Target has much more value to it then it does in the West. And since there is popularity, there is a much, much better selection. Beautiful selection too.
* Payless shoe is a big hit too :) You know that Fashion night out I wrote about a little while ago? Payless was one of the participants, and it was BUSY there. Made me smile.
* Multitude of sample sale stores. I haven't seen any on the west coast, see them EVERYWHERE here. Ruelala is the online vesion of one. This is the place where you can buy NEW, very expensive things for CHEAP. Example : something that costs $285 for $25, tax included.
* Love for WHITE. Walls, couches, chairs, rugs, etc. I must confess, that my first reaction was "WHAT?! Why would ANYONE want that!" But NOW... I completely fell in love with the beauty of simplicity and pureness of the color, yet the countless variations of shades, making it being truly unique. I never thought I'd say, but I am in love with white.
* Make-up. This deserves a complete post, and I will write one, but until then : minimal appearance, but WELL done. Simply beautiful. This is also the place where you definitely see those "day-to-night" transformations that you read in the style magazines about.
* Lack of fast food places and an abundance of small , authentic restaurants instead, for the same amount. Delicious too.
* People eating at fully set tables for something as simple as lunch or breakfast. I love it. I really do. I missed setting the table completely with napkins and variety of flatwear every day.
I simply love it.
*Love for umbrellas. Beautiful umbrellas. Different style umbrellas. Makes me smile. I simply love this life.

September 22, 2009

Jeans continued. Don'ts

SO. Now that we've talked about LOVE, let's talk about "no-no"s. There are some basics that one should be considering ALWAYS :
* don't buy cheap jeans ( bargain is a COMPLETELY different story). Cheap jeans are just that : no style, no fit and a complete waste of your money. They will not last you nearly the same as a good quality pair, and your self esteem will melt just as fast. Remember the F square ( fashion formula) : bad fit = bad mood. You don't have to spend $200 on amazingly fitting jeans. Gap, JCrew, Express have some great fitting styles, and some pretty amazing deals { More secrets of a true lady to come. Stay tuned!} Besides, it is such a MYTH that you will spend LESS buying jeans at a Wal-mart. A person going for walmart type jeans will actually spend MORE, because, most likely that person does not believe in fashion, and therefore , does not even LOOK for steals elsewhere. This way or another, it's a double loss. Just don't do it.
* don't go for the fashion, go for your CLASSY style. There is nothing more sad then a victim of a fashion movement. Remember, fashion , after all WAS created by someone who DIDN'T want to obey the complicated wave of the moment. Coco Chanel, THE fashion and STYLE icon, created her masterpieces in rebel to the current flow. Fashion is not always flattering.

* don't do ripped, acid - splashed, neon colored etc fashion. We are not talking a little distressing here and there. The extreme styles are a REALLY bad investment. A) the ripping, coloring, etc is usually bring attention to all the wrong places. B) while ALSO an attempt to rebel from traditional fashion, it has absolutely no creativity, and therefore , will never stay. An animal skin can look beautiful, but jeans attacked by an animal do not.

* be careful with the bootcut. Contrary to a typical belief, a bootcut can look extremely unflattering on many, if not most, body types. One needs to have rather proportionate body to rip the benefits of the bootcut. There are a few denim brands that do make rather well tailored bootcut jeans, but for the most part , it ... could be better. Flare balances out the hip, straight leg hides thigh imperfections, skinny/cigarette elongates the legs and ALL slim the frame ( done right , of course. We'll talk about that later). Bootcut... if you think you look good in a bootcut, try any other of the above mentioned styles. Guaranteed , you'll love your reflection WAAAAY more.

* oh, and the last one. Crotch by the knees is not flattering. Just don't.


Well, here comes Tuesday again. I apologize for my disappearance. I am back in full bloom, so expect posts every day ( or even more often!) .

Jeans. The love , the hate, the must-have. One thing to remember ALWAYS , that there is NO such thing with jeans and "this brand is in, and that brand is OUT". The brand that is IN in the one that fits you BEST. Just that simple. However, there ARE some very much wanted illusions that different styles and brands can create.

The LOVE :
High waist. We are not talking the "Mom jeans". We are talking a very sophisticated , WELL CUT ( a MUST) and TAILORED ( if needed ) jean. High waist gives the illusion of uber-long legs, and paired up with high heals is simply to die for. The styles that fit well :

WHAT :18th amendment jeans. WHY : hight waist, fitted through the hip, and slightly flared from the mid-thigh , making the hips and waist appear uber-slim and giving the illusion of amazing hour-glass frame, even to a boy-ish body type.

WHAT : Jbrand Doll. WHY: fitted through the hip all the way to the knee, flared from the knee.
While a tricky cut and can really add weight to the frame, the way JBrand does it is beautifully. The jeans pull everything in, while creating an illusion of very, very long and slim frame ( that is what I loooove jbrand for as well). Another tricky part. While often jeans will stretch and loose the original shape, jbrands do not. A must for this style ( or any for that matter). The bell bottom balances out hips beautifully, and the 70s kind of vintage feel to these is unbeatable.
Definitely a "love".

Stay tuned , more to come later today. Until then , here are some fun tips:

Booty Beauty Tips:
*Look for a stretch denim with a fitted waist.
* Stick to darker washes that have an all-over slimming effect.
* Many denim manufacturers make a specific style to flatter a shapely butt with a narrower waist. Find out which cut is right for you in the brand you desire.

Flat Bum Tips:
* Try a tapered leg or skinny jean to make your bum more noticeable. Siwy is a hot denim line to try.
* Even a small kitten heel will add curves to your profile, a tall heel will work wonders.

* Flap pockets will add dimension, try True Religion, Frankie B. or Hudson flap pocket styles

One other fun site to explore is Couture Candy. They have a very wide selection of jeans, organized by "interest". Have fun!

September 19, 2009

Bags and shoes

Remember that part : buy the pieces that can be interchangeable? A pair of skinnies and a blouse + right accessories, = endless combinations. It is amazing how a pair of shoes or earings can completely change a style and appearance. How many variations can you make out of THESE? In LOOOOOVE with those shoes and bags, btw. Have FUN!
bags and shoes

September 16, 2009

Mommy. Stylish.

So, since we've arrived to NYC, I've been getting a bazillion-a-day amount of comments about our stylish way of parenting and , particularly, the pram. I love our pram more over any other stroller ( and you can surely take my word for it , we've tried all the worthy of attention ) simply because there are so many advantages. And once try the pram style, you'll never go back to a regular stroller.
First of all , your baby is laying , just like they are supposed to, with lungs functioning very well and with ease. Secondly, there is a lot of SPACE. Baby lays comfy, your purse is snuggled in, diaper bag attached, and you haven't even touched the storage basket yet. Then, the fact that the pram will go over ANYTHING because it has huge wheels ( but looks STYLISH , not the regular jogger type) . Then , your baby is facing YOU, which means two things : you always know what's going on and the baby is happy; second, the baby is protected from the wind blowing. Which brings me to the next point : if you ever get caught in the rain without the rain cover, pram is THE way to go: with the hood up and the cover snapped, you baby will get just a couple of drizzles, if any, while you enjoy a proper down pour ( though, in style) . Then, completely disregarding the typical "until 5 months"etc annotation, you can use the pram for as long as you choose to. A "only until baby sits up" is simply nonsense. Being a happy owner of 2 wonderful prams , I can assure you, that there is nothing better for a little person that is still enjoying the stroller ride, then a pram. With the hood up they have a little world of their own, with all the necessities of life present ( crayons and a drawing pad, for example) , none of which get lost since there is a beautiful carriage to contain them. Then, unlike the prams from previous generations, the new models actually FOLD, and actually SMALL, making travel and cars be just a breeze. And THEN there is the fact that if you happen to have an older toddler - pram is a much better way then a double stroller ( tried and proven, btw).
So, all that being said, I've noticed since we've been parading all over the NYC with out beautiful pram ( people commenting, of course), more and more carriages , similar to ours started to pop up. Slight difference in style ( I personally like MINE better), nothing major. Or I thought. Until I , accidentally, ran into a baby boutique with the very carriages I started seeing. It was , actually, the price what made me freeze stylishly in my heels. I am sure that there are plenty of people who can easily drop ... mmm... $11,000 for a baby pram, but unless it is platinum with handcrafted golden wheels...mmm ... there are far better options out there.

SO, while the true lady never reveals her secrets, and I surely keep MINE safe, I WILL tell you, that my heart has been stolen a long time ago by the works of art from Silver Cross and Inglesina. Must be my heritage. Europe , after all. At your fingertips. Literally.

September 15, 2009


I've decided to dedicate Tuesdays to jeans. Simply because I want to.

I will not go into details of how, but I can safely say that over the years I've become an expert of different brands, styles, fits, etc. There is nothing like a good pair of jeans that can boost one's confidence up ( and the other way around, btw). So, my knowledge of jeans fall into that "one of the few secrets of a lady" category. And while there are many that choose not to wear jeans because it is simply not their style, more and more doors are opening for the "good ol' sailor's attire". Just about 50 years ago one would not even think about pairing up the "blues" with the pumps or stilettos , and we all know where those are invited to.

So, for today, just a simple little statement. While we'll discuss more of different styles and design, pro and cons, and how-to's, I want to leave you with SOME knowledge, just in case if you are desperate to buy a pair before next Tuesday.

J brand. I love Jbrand for many reasons, and the first one is the fit. These are the jeans that look good on anyone: longer legs + leaner frame = girl best friend. Another reason : among the styles and designs , there is a good variety to satisfy the need, whether an office, a vacation or a night club.You know that trend for pencil jean? And that makes YOU look better then a model from a runway? Check. "Skinny" that makes you look the same? Check. Vintage-like bell bottom? Check. Size : from the smallest to the tallest, from skinny to curvy. And ALL make you look FABULOUS. Oh, and the best one : want the non-pregnant maternity jeans?! CHECK!

I have not really paid attention to them at first, as they seemed ... mmm... boring . That mist , however, evaporated the moment the button closed. Definitely worth MY time and attention.
These are my personal favorites:

But then again there are these with super-cute zippers:

Or these military button accents:

Oh, and did I mention Sam Edelman shoes? Well, have fun!

September 13, 2009

The biggest lesson learned

The time is just flying by. There is so much in my heart and mind that I wanted to say, always thinking "later tonight", and then again finding myself in the swirl of life, and again thinking "tonight, tonight"... But "tonight" never happens ( I already learned long time ago that "tomorrow" happens even less ), so - while maybe not as complete and colorful as I would like it to really be, NOW it is. I hope you enjoy it just as much.

I find it simply fascinating to be in a place that is a complete union of all sorts of cultures, religions, languages. Every day as I walk on the street I hear german, french, spanish, italian and all sorts of english dialects around me. As I watch and meet new people day by day, it never seizes to amaze me the variety of multitude. Each and every person, while staying true to their culture and tradition, at the same time fit just right it. And one day I just simply saw it like never before : this IS the true spirit of America. This IS the culture, this IS the flavor, this IS the heart. America, a country made possible by immigrants, is in it's full blossom right here just as much as everywhere else. All those that seem to just "visit", actually are the ones that allow it to exist. I hear many american-born friends say that there is nothing that they have that is "TRUE" american : after all, there is an italian pizza, irish beer, french water, english bread, german houses, yet... I do not know any other place in the world that where all could fit and not seem out of place. THAT is what makes the United States be AMERICAN. There is no other country that is such a beautiful union of all. There is no other place where so many can feel so free to be self, and fit just right in. There is no other place that is so full of life and opportunity, and while there may not be as much history and life as there is in Europe or Asia, it exists in every person that comes here, in every culture that lives here, in every neighborhood that exists here. For as long as WE STAY TRUE to self, to our tradition, to our believes and to our heart. And for the first time I saw with my eyes what I always had in my heart : a complete union of many countries, where all respect and love each other. It is not to say that there are no problems or glitches, but over all...A soul of NY is a small piece of what I always believed in : love and unity.

September 12, 2009


The seasons are changing and so is my wardrobe. It always makes me happy to pull out my beautiful Edelmans. This is where the smart shopping pays off. These shoes get more compliments with each year, and I am SOOOO happy that I went with my feelings, and purchased a bunch when the price was simply a dream. Aren't they just beautiful? I was trying to decide which color to post. Orange won the picture contest, but in life ALL are beautiful. If you are a happy owner of a pair, you KNOW how comfortable they are. A 3 1/2" heel is absolutely FANTASTIC. If not - I highly recommend. This is one of those pieces that always will be "in" , because they've got character :)

I love Sam Edelman because whether a heel lover or flat-soul, he's got something for everyone. All unique and beautiful. Of course.
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