March 19, 2010

Yes, you CAN wear a skinny

For all of you "wishers", but "doubters" or "non- believers" : forget your expectations, and dive into a new adventure. YES, you CAN wear a skinny. There are some strategies, like to EVERYTHING. But you CAN ( and should) , enjoy the fashion. And here is how.

Rule number one (I think this is the most important rule) : the fit.

A proper fitting pair of skinnies can make just as much difference as the ill-fitting can from the other side. JBrand is a fantastic fitting jean ( agreed and confirmed by many stylists and widely enjoyed by celebrities) . It may look like nothing special on the shelf ( or online) , but if you haven't tried one on ( or SEVERAL, as different washes fit differently), you are mission out on, possibly your pot of gold) . Apart from a great cut and fit, they also offer a "blue label" for curvier body types. It is a WONDERFUL addition to their collection. Again, the fit wins.

When selecting a skinny jean, go for a 1/2 size larger ( if in between sizes) and for a "stretchable" wash if fitting right on. You want them to be slightly loose to give your just a little slide ( that will make you feel skinny and give the equal illusion of -10 lbs off your frame)

Second is : length

Believe it or not, but the length can be crucial in the visual appeal. While the super-skinny super models can get away with the skin-tight jean ( or legging) running all the way to the heel, it may not be the best option for the simple mortals like everyone else in the world.

IF you prefer the longer jean : go for a 14 inch opening at the bottom. That will balance out the hip.

Other then that, go for a cropped jean. Ending a little higher, and while "cutting" ( theoretically) the line, it also gives a visual illusion of slimmer ( read :longer), leg. Those , that have muscular calf - try rolling just a pinch the bottom of the cropped jean. The color contrast, the roll, and length will visually trim the line.

Rule number three: Top.

It is easy to disguise everything you want with the right kind of clothing. If you are unsure or new to skinnies, try the longer and slightly ( but not too much) looser fitting tops, hitting at the hip, or just bellow. The cardigans are ideal: you can leave them unbuttoned, for even more slimmed look. Try a belted cardigan : drawing attention up, will visually elongate a frame. Also, by having a cardigan open, wearing a contrasting color to the jeans, will slimmer the frame down.

And then the last , but not least : the shoes. This department deserves a post of their own, so stay tuned. So far... just in case you go shopping today... I'll tell you this :
go for flats, kitten heels, or spring boots to elongate the line.

Happy shopping!

The Artist

So, remember this art piece? I loaded a picture of the real thing on my phone. Besides posting on this blog, I showed to a few other friends and co-dancers. The responses are different. Some see eyes, others wings, then leaves, some tell stories of a personality being covered by expectations ( how about that one?!) or the true nature actually being false from the "sun-shining one" ( like that one too).

My personal opinion : I like the concept, and I like the choice of colors ( although they appear a little neon-ic at the first glance). I like the monochrome of purples, combination of yellow and green, and the shades of turquoise . I think there is and interesting concept between purple and blue ovals and circles, and then green yellow lines. I DO wonder why. Really do. This art makes me think. LIke Tiffany said - I can stare at it for hours.

Now the artist.
The artist is ... my one-year old. Yep. I didn't even think that she was capable of anything like that. All those Mozart stories were awesome, but it is MOZART. I THOUGHT that she was extra quiet, but when I saw that she was busy drawing, I figured that I better go get some soap and cloth and be ready for a clean up from the beautifully painted white walls ( by some reason they are always the BEST canvas for young artists), as I was SURE she would make her way there eventually. I was wrong. She waddled in the kitchen with her artwork in hand, stretched her arm up, and announced "nyama-nyam!"( which at the moment means not only "eat", but also "give it to me", or "here you go") . Handed the thing to me, and walked away, while I was standing there mesmerized. I would not believe that SHE did it , if she was not ALONE with no brothers/sisters/or anyone around her that afternoon. As a matter of fact, I WONDER if having those guys around her and bugging the $%^& out of her, is what MADE the layers on the art piece in the first place.

So, anyway. Here we go. What do I do with this now?
What would YOU do?

March 17, 2010

A little nutrition talk

I was reading "Shape Magazine", and I must say, I was left a little disappointed. Out of the 5 points on healthy eating, only 1,5 were actually useful. Although I am pretty sure that drinking more then 5 glasses of water is a good thing, as well as choosing complex grains. I DID hope, however, that by now, considering the whole "health food" movement, that fruit/veggies would come close to first , rather then last. As well as the part about juicing : it's been known for a while, that FRESHLY squeezed juices are utilized completely different in the body due to the composition and high enzyme content, and are VERY USEFUL for the body. Are we still not over the "high protein/low sugar" stuff? Human body MUST have carbohydrates to run properly. Of course, there is a difference in the quality of those.

Second - the "low fat cheese". Someone, PLEASE, make that be illegal. Cheese is MEANT to be high fat. It MUST be high fat. And it MUST be a good quality. Let me tell you what happens, particularly, in women's body, if one has a LOW fat diet : poor skin, skimpy hair, sabotaged cell functioning , weight GAIN and hormonal dis-balance ( hello, PMS, estrogen dominance, etc)
GOOD QUALITY fat ( the kind you will find in those fancy, expensive and RAW cheeses ) is exactly what our bodies will LOVE.

Of course, the last, and by far , not the least, is the part that ... EVERYONE'S body is SO different, and there is no possibly one way to keep everyone to ONE single diet or ONE single strategy. Over the years of research, the only strategy that seems to be universal ( apart from the "nyama-nyam!" of course), is the strategy of EDUCATION on the subject, including the giving enough information for the person to acquire enough knowledge and be able to apply it to him or herself. Things like culture, authenticity, area of work and simply the lifestyle are ALL important and cannot be generalized.

So, as much as wonderful and appealing advice can be, make sure you do it not because someone said it's good, but because your body really likes it. Because many years from today ( and I hope you are planning on living long ) , it is important to have a healthy and well functioning body over the "now!" result for today.

March 16, 2010

Jean-ducation Tuesday ( though late)

Spring 2010,
I've never been a huge devoter of the ripped jeans, simply because far not everyone is as talented and creative as Cheap Monday ( whose jeans I would wear, indeed), with the ripped jeans looking nothing of cute , stylish or of any interest what so ever.


I am definitely a fan of the patched denim. Cute, interesting and so many possibilities! Here are just a few.

And also... maybe it's a practical approach to going-going-soon-to-be-gone ripped style? Thoughts? I HOPE so.

The best of the diet world

After searching and searching for the best, most complete, nutritious diet, I have finally come to understanding one. My research for the last 4 years was focused on a completely wrong area. The truth, as usual, is simple. We talk a lot about what we think about when we eat, what we actually eat, the quality, the quantity, etc. All the complex diet world. Do you ever think about what you eat? And if so - how much? And what do you do to help YOURSELF? Or would you rather have someone help you? A professional , perhaps? The person that knows 'how-to' . But no matter who you pick, and what you do, there is always those "little things" , like ... chips, or crackers, or candy, or - whatever it is that your weak spot is. And no matter how much you do and pay, you STILL have those to deal with. Which, sometimes, are WORSE then the whole "healthy lifestyle/diet" thing. The solution? Simplicity of one is astounding.

When you reach for a treat , accompanied by "nyama-nyam!" ( with impeccable hearing, may I add) , it is very unlikely, that whatever it is that you were hoping to treat yourself with , will make it into your mouth. However, it is very likely, that whoever announced the "nyama-nyam!" will not only make sure you don't have anything you will regret about later, but also burn some more extra calories by running after whatever the "nyama-nyam" stole off your table that is now being spit all over your one-of-a-kind gorgeous vintage rug.

PS : if you haven't left your comment about the art piece , make sure to check the post below. It IS a very contradicting piece, but it is very well worth your time.

March 15, 2010

Art discussion

We had a long discussion over this artwork. There are so many opinions on it. I have a strong view too, but before that , please,

Tell me what you think of it. I am sincerely interested to know. More then ever.

A word from the wise...

Everybody is a genius. Einstein quote at

I'm pretty sure his words are worth listening to. Don't you think?

March 13, 2010

Dying Laughing...

... from the comment, made by my ballet company choreographer ( who does not have children, and not planning on any, married, and living " a life full of enjoyment, not stinky diapers and spit up") , who said today , shrugging his shoulders :

"I do NOT understand why would anyone want to go through the pain of having a child. There are plenty of children in the orphanage. Just go shopping".

I guess, stork is working full time then. In the cabbage fields. Because that MUST be the way the babies ended up in the orphanage in the first place. Sometimes people can REALLY say... mmm.. interesting things.

Do you have anything to share from the similar department? ( meaning ... not so smart comments).

March 09, 2010


Summer is coming, and Anne Cole got some cute things to offer. And if you go to Ruelala, you'll get a steal.

And I am all squeemers about this one:
Vintage feel, flattering cut, simple, but interesting detailing. And the fabric choice of course: this kind looks good on both tan and fare skins. Aaaand, it's a bikini.

What is your preference? Bikini , tankini or one peace?

March 04, 2010

If mentioning food , then

I should say that we absolutely been loving the winter season for the multitude of veggies. Although, technically zucchini is a fruit, I still love the less sweet taste and some wonderful things that can be done with it.

Here is one of them :
2 large zucchini
4 oz feta cheese, nut cheese, brie, farmer's cheese
Green onions and dill
5-6 cherry tomatoes
Seasonings to taste
Cut zucchini in half. Scoop the inside part out. Cut and mix with your version of cheese. Cut cherry tomatoes and fill the zucchini boats back up. Then you can either send them to a dehydrator for 5-6 hours, or into the oven ( if you want them baked), depending on the cheese, from 20 to 45 minutes. Decorate, and make sure to not eat the plate.

March 03, 2010

And the cake

Ta-da! As promised. A cake. Recipe to follow ( when I have another minute and not typing with my gloves on).

And zee recipe as follows :
3,5 oz white chocolate
3,5 oz dark ( more then 70% ) chocolate
3,5 oz raw sugar
2 eggs+2 egg yolks
1 pint of cream
2 TBSP cognac/brandy
Sugar, eggs and yolks creamed on steam bath until fluffy, then on cold bath ( cold water +ice , or just ice alone), until creamy. Divide in 2 parts. Whip the cream and divide in 2 parts. Melt the dark chocolate ( steam bath) , add cognac/brandy, carefully add chocolate in the first half of egg potion. Add first halt of whipped cream, mix well. The same repeat with white chocolate.
Put the dark chocolate mix in the mold and chill for 10-15 minutes. then add white chocolate mix on top of the dark one. Put the "cake" in the freezer at least for 5-6 hours. Decorate with melted chocolate or fudge, fruit and imagination .
Bon appetit!

PS : makes 6 servings, so plan accordingly :) Enjoy!

PS Snuffles drowned.

When it snows...

So, it's snowing again. I love snow. As a matter of fact, I always loved winters. But I love the full of snow, cold, crispy, but filled with sunshine days.

The last few days were so nice and spring like ( after all , it IS March. In Europe spring starts with March 1st) , made us realize that the "winter-loving mood" is over, and we are ready to come out of our hibernation, put bright and light coats on, substitute heavy boots for spring shoes, and soak in all the new life. So, naturally, it is a little disappointing that today I woke up to a gloomy day and cooler weather.

The good part is, that since it is cold and wet, we'll stick to the inside for 1/2 a day, make something beautiful , and then something tasteful. Enjoy visitors for tea. And then go meet up with some more for coffee and book reading. And we'll top it off with the Met before the plans for the evening. Some gloomy days may actually turn out to be pretty good on the second glance.

What do you like to do on a gloomy , rainy day?

March 02, 2010

Cookie & Cake, or don't bite my apple.

I hate Snuffles. No. Let me re-phrase. I despise Snuffles. I did not know I was capable of that. I mean - love is love , right? Right. And hate is hate. That is right on too.

All I asked for was to let me eat my apple. Not a cake. Not a cookie. An apple. Snuffles HATES apples. Snuffles doesn't come close to apples. Snuffles gets allergies when the word "apple" is said. Yet, Snuffles took away MY apple.

At first - bite by bite. Just as a little nibble at first. Then a small bite here and there. Good people share, right? I am a good person. So I shared. Up to the point where I realized that Snuffles is chewing away faster then I can blink. So I pointed out to Snuffles that this is MY apple. There are plenty out there that are still un-hosted. ( And un-bitten). And after all, Snuffles supposedly doesn't even like apples.

That is when Snuffles knocked MY apple out of my hand, tried to bite my hand, and went on for the flying apple.

Didn't get the apple. Although got a huge chunk of it. Bigger then I would ever share. So I mourned over my apple. All day.

And then made cookies. The kind Snuffles likes the most. Let the aroma out. But didn't even THINK of sharing the cookie. Torture is good when it is slow.

Snuffles nearly drowned in drool. Begged for "forgiveness" ( yeah, right. it was MY apple). Good reaction. Nearly drowned. Just from ONE cookie.

I'll make a cake tomorrow.

How would YOU react to someone eating YOUR apple?

New Nautical

Spring is coming. Snow is melting. Water all over. Nautical theme is on my mind. Here is my view on nautical in fashion. Or one of them, actually.

What is YOUR style? What do you prefer?

March 01, 2010

Love or Hate?

So, this new "volcano" almost-eruption . Necklush. Featured all over ( including my blog now too). Do you love it? Hate it? Or neither. I am having the "neither" on the "hate it" side. I think it is fabulous idea for a man, but for a lady... I don't know about you, but in MY opinion, we deserve something WAY more beautiful and artfully created. If I want something to look like a scarf, I will do just that - wear a scarf. Beautiful, delicate, the way I'd want it to, complementing to the outfit, of course. But for a necklace... the "one-fits-all purposes" type does not cut it for me. I want just the ONE purpose serving. Gorgeous. Detailed. Craftsmanship to a T. Simon G or Hidalgo style per say.

After all , I AM a ONE purpose person : A WOMAN. Complex, but ONE. And beautiful. Any woman deserves more then just a pile of threads on the neck, don't you think?

And for the simple, yet... GORGEOUS.

So, which one would YOU rather love?
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