December 24, 2009

Just in case you didn't notice...

I am closing my Living body , spirit and soul blog to public as of Dec 31. If you want to keep reading, live a comment with your email, I'll add you in. Hope to see ya there!

December 21, 2009

on December 31...

My dear Friends,

As much as it has been wonderful to have so many of you find me just because, and I have really enjoyed meeting all the new people, with the amount of traffic , questions, etc, I am turning the blog into a private. Right now I can only help to a certain extend , and also... I need a safe space to write about my life and thoughts. If you want to keep reading - leave a comment with email address, I'll add you in. I am changing current email address - also due to excessive traffic. I am sending out the new email address to all contacts. If you don't get one - leave a comment, I'll make sure you do. After the changes are made, I will not be accessing the old account. The closing date is December 31. I hope to share the next year, and many to come, with all of you.

December 17, 2009

Christmas village populars

There are many little Christmas villages set up for Christmas. I found it interesting to see some of the things that are so loved here. I must say, I agree with most, if not all. It is so wonderful to see the beautiful craftsmanship be treasured.

A handmade leather key chain for change:
Handcrafted leather bags , of these styles:
Leather notebooks :

Handcrafted birch bark jewelry boxes. These are particularly warm to my heart , as they are traditional and cultural to us:

Handmade WARM wool scarves:

Mittens with open fingertips! Love those!
Or fingerless hand covers. Surprisingly, VERY warm!
And - never would have guessed - really fun, and WARM double lined wool hats. And , believe me, you WANT all the lining!

Bundle up and let's go caroling!

12 years ago...

12 years ago, hopeful, dreaming and naive, I left my homeland, where I was raised in love, to come to the land I always saw myself in. My over a decade journey have not been easy, but it was worth it. I only pray that people of all races, colors and languages, can stand up taller, be stronger with hearts softer, and unite. This is a miraculous place. Love it.

December 09, 2009

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
I've been exceptionally good this year. And , as you know, I had my list all done early. And kids and I have even written and delivered it to you in person at Macy's. But since the cold hit... I discovered that what I have is not enough to keep myself from freezing... So, about my list... Can you erase it all and get me these instead? I know it's a short notice, but I had really no idea that this part of the world CAN get THIS cold. I promise, I'll be even better next year!

And since Yeva can't really tell you... She'd REALLY like one of these:

I love you tons, Santa! I hope you read my blog soon!

PS : since you KNOW how freezing it's been here, and as I've been warned , it's just a start... and we know EVERY bone and feather in the Museum of Natural History... And love art so much... I mean, you really don't HAVE to... but you really like coming home to a BEAUTIFUL and CLEAN home, right? Over a ruin from a battleship... So... THIS one would be just the solution. No pressure , though. Just only if you like me sane... XOXOXO

A wee bit of myself...

Christmas is coming... Cold weather is hitting... Memories of childhood rise up... Here is a little bit of me, expressed.

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