Hi,  Friends! 

My name is Olya. I am a professional dancer, a lover of style and fashion, treasurer of all things old, new and beautiful, a health nut, an amateur photographer, mommy and wife. Besides the studio, I spend a lot of my time walking to and from instead of driving, (because I believe that it is the best way to get around, really), fingerpainting with four amazing artists, going to tea parties ( both calibers - petite and adult), photographing, traveling, creating things, writing and soaking in every second of my lovelies' lives, who are growing up too fasts for my taste. I married the love of my life some over two years ago, who is my anchor and support for everything I do.

Living Notes from NYC has been launched several years ago while living in Manhattan as a way to record new experiences, design ideas, style, food and just my alternative life in general, and has grown into something much larger since. Life and work takes us all over the place : East , West , Europe and back and we love every minute of it. Though not in NYC at the moment, that is where my heart always is and will be, and hence the name of this blog remains unchanged. We are enjoying living on the West coast at the moment and I am taking my Notes are fast as I can!

Please, Enjoy and Welcome!

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