Where are you from? 
I am Ukrainian born and raised, I moved to US by myself * life you know * when I was 18, and stayed ever since...

Are your family still there? 
Yes, my parents and sister are. And no, they are not planning on moving here.  Just visiting...

What kind of dance do you do? 
I am classically trained and professionally performed since 13. I am exploring contemporary dance, and loving it.

Who do you dance/danced for?
I am a freelance dancer at the moment and happy to be able to be one. My resume is too large to write about here, but email me if you want to know more!

Are all those kids YOURS? 
Yes, indeed, they are. All blond-heads.

You are too young to have kids! 
I hear that too often. First - yes, I had my first child in my 20s. Second... Please, remember , that people can look YOUNGER then they actually are ;)

Your kids are so cute! They have to model! Will they model for me/my company?
Actually, they have. And done some for as long as they wanted to. I am selective on what terms/conditions are offered. But if you/your company are respectful of child's rights, feel free to email! We can chat!

Are you a mormon? 
Nope. Not at all. Neither is my husband. We are Eastern Orthodox.

Are you going to have more kids?
I never thought I'd have this many, though EVERY single one is planned, desired and very anxiously awaited for. I'll take one day at a time. But I absolutely LOVE having lot's of children, and so does my husband :)

How can you have kids and STILL dance? 
Well, the secret really is that's who I am... My kids come with me everywhere, and grew up in a dance studio with me. I was blessed to have generous and kind directors, and as a free lance dancer I have a lot more freedom now.

But in between all those pregnancies... don't you take time off?
Actually, I love doing what I do , and can't see it any other way. I was blessed to be able to dance for the most part throughout all of my pregnancies. I modify as necessary and listen to my body and midwife :)

Are you a raw foodist?
Hmm... No. When I was going through my yoga certification years ago, I heard the best answer ever, and will quote it here " labeling oneself as something creates boundaries. I prefer my space unlimited".
Let me expand on it : I love eating fresh fruit and vegetables in the way nature created them. But more then anything I believe in listening to one's body. We do not eat anything that is processed, packaged, etc, but I do make foods that will not classify as "raw", but I think they are healthier then some of the "raw dehydrated treats"  ( Like "raw" cookies or chips... do me a favor - never try them! They are disgusting and expensive at the stores. Make your own!) . And at the end of the day , THAT is what matters to me most - health and well-being of my loved ones and self. We do buy everything organic, though. I am very set on that one.


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