September 28, 2008

The Nutcracker

I am so excited. My little boy auditioned for the Rocky Mountain Repertory Ballet to participate in Nutcracker and made it to be a mouse and an understudy for a party boy! Considering that he was the smallest there ( he is not 5 yet, and the youngest after him was almost 6) and I've done nothing to prepare him ( on purpose, I wanted to see how much he would be able to do just by himself) I am more then happy!
There was a funny situation during the audition though. Parents are not allowed. But I managed to pick in anyway, and saw Justin
jumping and growling. My immediate reaction was : "NOT NOW!" thinking that he is messing around. So , I stuck my hand under the curtain, whispered his name and let him know that he'll be in for a time out if he does not stop. So. The time came for the little ones to show the their parts to the auditioners. And there we go : Justin does everything beautifully and then at the end everyone HAS TO GROWL! It was a part of choreography, and my little boy just stands there with his arm down by the seams. :) They ran it 2 or 3 times and every time he just put his arms down and smiled Finally the director said "justin, show us how scary you can be", on which he very politely replied. "Nooo.. My mommy told me not to do that!" . I almost died. Everyone else too - from laughing. He made the part even though "mommy told him not to". :)

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  1. That's so great! When is he performing? Can we come and see him?

    We need to get together sometime. Are Sundays good or bad for you?


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