December 04, 2008

Whoever said durian doesn't mix...

Just proved them WRONG!!!!

Absolutely FANTASTIC , delicious desert :

a dash of vanilla
a little fresh lemon juice ( just squeeze the lemon)

VItamix everything! It is DELICIOUS! Lemon actually brings up the sweetness of durian. Persimmons add beautiful texture. We also loved serving it with strawberries or frozen mixed berries. Absolute HEAVEN!!!


  1. Olya! I love all your updates and I'm so glad you're having such a positive experience now. I can also see and feel the influence of Rachel on you. She is a wonderful person and I'm glad (and jealous) you get to spend time with her and learn from her. I feel sad I never got that opportunity with Ivy. I would LOVE to have her as a midwife, but I'd also love to just have her as a friend. I'm really happy for you that you live near her. What fun. I hope you've had your baby by now, and since you haven't posted in a few days, I'm thinking you may have. Thanks for the invite to view your blog, I love keeping in touch with you. What a great friend you are to me. Hope all is well, enjoy your sweet new baby and this wonderful Christmas season. You rock! ;)

  2. Veronica...I would LOVE to be your friend! Come anytime with Olya and we can chit chat all you want. Unless your done having children...there's always a chance to have me at your birth. And just as with any woman I work with...I would feel ALWAYS and FOREVER honored to be present at their birth. No baby yet. Still waiting......I can't WAIT!!
    Oh..the funny part, I was eating durian as I opened to read your blog! hahahaha! LOVE IT!! Rachel


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