April 14, 2009

Being self and being happy...

It's been so long. So many wonderful new things happening. Easter. Truly understanding Christ and Atonement. Truly living. Being self. Being happy.

SO much LOVE and GRATITUDE came to our lives. We yet again, learned another layer of faith: having courage. Courage to live by faith. Courage to step out and being self, courage to step into something new that you know nothing about except that it is the right place to be at this very moment, courage to admit that you are scared , courage to LOVE God enough to TRUST that He LOVES you, courage to BELIEVE that HE is there.

I learned that what I have is what I create. Myself. I cannot place the responsibility of living on anyone. Not even on God. Whatever is around me - it is my creation. MY world. My life... If I am not happy, neither is the world around me. "Change yourself - change the world" now reads complete.

I learned that being self - no matter what , no matter when , no matter how is more important that anything anyone can ever say or think. After all - they are only going to think or say what I FEEL inside. And I am grateful for their help. That is where "love the enemies" reads complete now too. Being in balance - what a powerful place to be. Beautiful , harmonious place, filled with love and gratitude, and more... Maybe a little deep for some, but true nevertheless. I am so amazed, as after being and fighting the heart and mind, and finally taking a step forward into "unknown", we received SO MUCH love and support from so many people around us. Thank you to you all, our dear friends and loved ones! We love you too! Thank you for being those very much needed instruments in Divine Hands. And especially, Rachel - if you are reading this - THANK YOU. Your love, your support, your knowledge , your example, your inspiration - THANK YOU. I miss you already...

I learned that without love I cannot exist. I learned that love is the air I need, the water I need, the nourishment my spirit needs. I learned that love is that road that I need on the journey of life. I learned that love can truly change the world - my world. After all GOD is LOVE...

So, on this journey :)... I send love to all of you that are reading this. Lots of love. Just the way YOU need it. And pray that this love can help open up hearts to the Divine love that Saviour has for us. Just lots of amazing, un-describable Divine love...


  1. You have such a big heart and soul. You are so deep too. What a great example to all of us you are.

  2. Thanks , Jenni. Means a world to me. Thank you.


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