December 09, 2009

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
I've been exceptionally good this year. And , as you know, I had my list all done early. And kids and I have even written and delivered it to you in person at Macy's. But since the cold hit... I discovered that what I have is not enough to keep myself from freezing... So, about my list... Can you erase it all and get me these instead? I know it's a short notice, but I had really no idea that this part of the world CAN get THIS cold. I promise, I'll be even better next year!

And since Yeva can't really tell you... She'd REALLY like one of these:

I love you tons, Santa! I hope you read my blog soon!

PS : since you KNOW how freezing it's been here, and as I've been warned , it's just a start... and we know EVERY bone and feather in the Museum of Natural History... And love art so much... I mean, you really don't HAVE to... but you really like coming home to a BEAUTIFUL and CLEAN home, right? Over a ruin from a battleship... So... THIS one would be just the solution. No pressure , though. Just only if you like me sane... XOXOXO

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  1. Okay that is a seriously gorgeous winter coat; I want one of those! It's so cold now in Utah...and oh, the hat and boots too! Beautiful and cozy and warm. Next time you are on the way to the museum, have a green tea soy latte for me :)


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