January 28, 2010

Beautifully true

As I've said in my post on Beauty, I am giving my time - at least this year more then others - to all things beautiful. To start a new year I want dedicate this the first post to Dixie Holloway Mann.
For Beauty. For Authenticity. For Love. For Talent. For Happiness. For Kindness. For Style. For Faith. For Dedication. For Family. For being Unique. For Kind Heart. For simply making Life be Beautiful. Along with that super-stylish little doll and wonderful hubby. Beauty has many shapes and forms, and Dixie got them all. Lots and lots of LOVE to you, Dixie!


  1. I'm so flattered!! Funny, I think the same about you my friend! Im always inspired by the people I know. Love you Olya!

  2. So pretty! Thanks for sharing this. Love your writing!

  3. Оля, Ты знаешь Маркуса Манна?!!! Я аж не поверила своим глазам!!! Здорово)))

    1. ya ochen' horosho znayu ego zhenu - Dixie. Markusa znayu cherez nee. A KTO vy?


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