September 21, 2011

Celebrating today as...

the International Day WITHOUT a car! Did you even know that such a thing existed?


I LOVE whoever invented this day. Why?..

Because - if you didn't know - I LOVE to walk and DO. And so do my - now 4 children ( crazy! I know) . I come form the culture of people that do NOT typically have a car. A car is a luxury, not a necessity. For 18 years of my life I did not have a need ( or even a want ) for a car - I did perfectly fine with my two legs, a nice shoulder bag, and comfy ( though cute and, OF COURSE , latest trend) shoes.
If I needed to get from city to city - there is a fantastic public transportation system.

Then I moved to US.

NY was great - I didn't really feel the difference. I walked everywhere, and metro - though stinky and extra dirty in summer, it connected me anywhere I wanted to go - inside and outside of the city. But getting outside of the city ( and even more so, when I moved to the mountain west) shocked me. I did not realize that people can live and depend on the cars so much. I was triple shocked how the living conditions only prompted people to buy more cars.

I didn't agree.

So, when starting a family, my Darling and I decided to not get a second car. Shocked to all his relatives that gave a " maybe ONE year until you have a child" prognosis ,  but I was determined.
Honestly, people here are can be SO. AFRAID. of weather! A little rain? Solve it with the fashionable rain coat ( NYC does! ) , or even a little see-through cape ( will fit in the purse and is always there!). Snow , cold weather? Hats and scarfs! Seriously , you have no idea , how warm you'll feel with your neck wrapped into nice and soft cashmere. Hot? Water bottle and , oh, well  - a little sweat is just simple detox.

But how much is missed when driving during the beautiful , colorful autumn? Crispy air, fresh smell of wet leaves, warm and kind sun, saying good-bye before sleepy and white winter... Or young aromatic spring and her smell of fresh blossoms, new grass, ringing water springs...  I'd not trade that for anything, and neither will my kids.

It's been many years from my moving to US. I have four lovely blossoms with the youngest just a couple weeks old, and up to this day, my "car" is the best performing stroller and a comfy sling/baby carrier. My shoulder bag changes with the mood and season, my shoes have gone a few inches up in heel height , but other then that nothing really changed. I enjoy walking everywhere, even though it make take a little longer. In my book it's well worth it.

I sincerely wish for more Americans to get out and walk, ride a bus, subway or take a cab - anything to get away from the car and enjoy life a little more. 

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