September 12, 2012

Les Femme Moda: Autumn style

autumn style

I get equally excited for a start of any new season whether it is spring, summer or winter. This fall is a double excitement , though , considering my absolute all times favorite color - deep red ,  { or oxblood , if you use fashion terms}.  

Paired with the muted and slightly gray shades of minty green ( that were popping all over the runway ) , and a creamy-white soft cashmere or a close relative of one - and you are set for a walk in the park or alley on a crispy day to enjoy gorgeous changing foliage. Doesn't it sound dreamy? 

What is your favorite pass time in fall?



  1. This is a really beautiful look, I love the necklace and the shinny top.

  2. Holy moly this is a fantastic outfit! Love everything here!

  3. Replies
    1. I love the color - statement, but muted, will go with everything.

  4. Love your choices here, so beautiful. I'm SO excited for Autumn this year... Sitting in coffee shops until after dark drinking spiced lattes, making soup, crunchy leaf walks in the park... Bliss!

    1. I know , me too. Something about crisp air and coffee shops that sends me in "warm and fuzzy coma" :)


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