October 17, 2012

A fall story...

My dear Friends, 
forgive my sporadic posting last little big - I must admit I've taken on more then I expected. Few not so expected things came up which has taken over my life for a little bit. 

I miss you all and am eager to get back as soon as possible ( which I will in a day ) 

Until then - I want to share some of the pictures I snapped last weekend. The Fall is gorgeous. The beauty of nature is magnificent. The air is delicious. And my little persons found it just as enjoyable as I did.


I hope your day is great!

 Enjoy the beauty all around us!  


  1. What lovely and happy photos! Can I ask what part of the country you are in?

  2. I've missed you! And seriously- I am LOVING your little girls' boots. Adorable!

  3. If words ever fail you...just post photos of your family. They are worth a thousand words. Cute. Adorable.Stylish.Happy.Sweet.......on and on.

  4. you have the most stunning family! so good seeing you tonight at called to surf! xoxo


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