November 15, 2012

Through the eyes of Instagram

The winter is on the doorstep ( well, according to the amount of snow that arrived over the weekend, it's winter here already) but these moments never made it to the front page, and it's a "must" to keep. 

The crazy scientist alone is rather charming and - forgive me if I am wrong - but Einstein resemblance?  And as to the costume... it's magical how far daddy's white shirt and a few colored gel pens will take you. We lost the pens through out the day, but acquired a baguette.  I think the substitute was worth it.

science or not, but true etiquette manners are starting to take root : he carried her backpack ALL. THE. WAY. home from school. That's 45 walking minutes. 

I took his bag ;) but does THAT really matter? 

two witches doing what witches do best - mischief

and what witch is there without a caramel apple? 

the rides...

... to meet a head-less horseman ( all the way from Sleepy Hollow. impressive) 

... the corn maze ( and the corn box) ...

the only smurf that didn't mind smurfin'. on the iphone. 

... is currently obsessed with balls. and melts my heart just the same every day.

... but all that smurfing is exhausting - she's currently revising her napping schedule, i'm assuming ( having teeth not allowing for sleep at night may or may not have something to do with this)  - and here she was chatting just 5 seconds prior to this photo taken. friday prep:

... and lot's of mischief 
THE crime scene : 

...and THE criminal. Asleep. Bum up and all, two feet away from evidence ...

And for those that asked - the winter warmer used in the stroller is Stokke Foot Muff
I absolutely LOVE it and highly recommend. It keeps little ones warm and smiling and gives me a complete peace of mind that they ARE warm even when I am freezing.


  1. I love seeing your photos on instagram but I ADORE seeing them all together as you tell the story. Such a sweet time for you.

    1. :) There is ALWAYS a story behind everything! that's what i love about instagram - like a picture book , you know? :)


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