January 25, 2013

Life as my IPhone sees it

this week was an eventful one. feels like from friday to friday it's been a MONTH , not a week. 
when Vasilisa got sick, i thought to myself that there is nothing worse then a sick baby ( and there isn't really), until i got sick on top of it. i think nothing is worse then a sick mom AND a sick baby, because it's misery galore : neither i nor any of my girls "do" the sickness well. but at least on the bright side, it was only me and the littlest one ( i counted my lucky starts about 100 times each day. because that is NOT a typical occurrence when you have kids close in age), and once we got better the world started to look multicolored again.
which is exactly how we like it.

here are a few snaps to document our happenings throughout the week: 

^^ we moved here because of DRY climate and WARM winters. you can laugh now. 
(though all locals keep telling me it's not typical. i hope so) ^^

^^ best entertainment i had in a while. they are dancing to my "midsummer" recording.
my heart melted 100 times ^^ 

^^ and then i was treated to this on the day i surely thought i'd die ( fever is not my friend)
they did not plan it, but seriously for a minute or so were extremely synchronized in 
rolling around. cute bums in the air that followed made me laugh ^^

^^ the little belly is growing ^^

^^ latest craving. i decided that pregnancy is the most treacherous thing. i have ALWAYS craved
mandarins in first trimester. but never had them ready available to me in summer time. 
i was SO HAPPY that NOW i'd get to have as much as my heart desires.
except i crave STRAWBERRIES instead of mandarins. 
go figure. ^^ 

^^ sick little kitten on my bed. luckily, just for one day ^^

^^ this is what happens when mama doesn't notice that someone snatched a cookie 
from a sample table ^^

^^ but she balances it out well. never leaves the house without a nice stash of apples^^

^^ i was sewing ribbons on. she came to do the "inventory", and then spent an hour in her
happy place. i'm sensing a little dancer here ^^

^^ bundled up and ready to run some urgent errands. during nap time. 
counted my lucky stars again for kids that agree to nap on the go^^



  1. just found ur blog .. ur family is ADORABLE - and congrats on the new lil one on it's way!!! - and it's usually NOT this cold here! - it's RECORD lows - and not fun!!!

    happy blogging - and FEEL BETTER to the whole family!

  2. Love love love all this pic, Olya! That pointe shoe one is my favorite.

  3. Super cute post!

  4. Оля, спасибо тебе за твои посты! Давно не читала, совсем не было времени, а тут открыла и... твои отдельные слова, фото и вообще атмосфера написанного снова вернули меня на светлую полосу жизни))) спасибо, мне было очень грустно, даже в отчаянии и стало светлее на сердце, несмотря ни на что))) хорошего тебе дня

  5. О, и мои поздравления! Ты ждешь еще малыша, я правильно поняла?Это здорово!!! Какая ты умничка, просто супер-мама! Хотела бы я быть такой...)))

    1. spasibo bol'shoe :) ochen' rada tebya opyat' tut "videt'" :) ya skuchala :)


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