January 30, 2013

A little bit from life around here

i know that everyone says it and it's not any breaking news - time really flies, and i am rather bitter sweet about it.  

this winter has been a challenge ( ask anyone who lives around here - i mean, we had more snow days then sun days, more cold then ever , and blah-blah-blah, i won't bore you. but it IS a sore spot for me ( it's probably the winter blues! ha!)  we moved here for WARM winters with SOME snow) , but there is always a bright side to any dark ( or snowy ) spot. the weather + the pregnancy sickness forced me to cut down on my busy dancing schedule , and made us stay in on many days. while on one hand, lack of my usual "x" hours in a studio is killing me sometimes ( can i just say that saying "no" to performing over christmas was one of the most difficult things for me... first time in nearly 20 years i was not on stage in december. talk about nearly depressed)  but it would be so wrong to say i didn't love discovering the other side of it.  i love those moments where i just sat and marveled at my little baby girl-turn-toddler person, and all the kids, and life in general.

 i can't say that i have that "absolute favorite" age that many talk about ( i am sure when we hit teen stage i may change my mind )  every day and every age has something in it that every time i think "oh, it's my favorite time" ( like this one and then the next day/month/year i think the same. i can't wait to have another newborn in my arms, but at the same time i can't wait to have more adult-like conversations and do more science experiments and spend more sleepless nights looking at the moon through the mega-telescope with my, to-be-TEN this year, son. and then i get the privilege of having to re-dress a certain doll 100 times a day, and do those first grader reading practices with the mentioned first grader in my lap. i can't say i wish for the time to stop, because i really don't - there is so much to look forward to, but i do wish to keep these moments in my heart forever.
well, enough of deep talking. look at these two little faces. i can't help it but smile every time - how can you not? 
^^ i get regular help in the kitchen. that towel is 'hers" and travels e-v-e-r-y-where ^^

^^ the answer to the question "what are you doing?" is always : " nah-siin" ( translation : most likely trouble) ^^

^^ this is a new way for "babies" to be carried. and see what i mean about the towel? ^^

wishing you all great wednesday!


  1. Your children are gorgeous, as is your photography skills. I know how you feel about performing- I didn't perform this December and it was so sad. So so sad.

    1. yeah. sadness galore over here too... at least there is a class, right?

  2. you have a beautiful family.. such adorable girls. Every stage has it's up's and downs.. i sometimes miss previous stages but I mostly enjoy where my boy is right now.. learning and exploring, growing and amazing me each day.


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