March 29, 2013


Those of my friends that are on Gregorian calendar are celebrating Easter this weekend. Ours is not for another month plus some, but it is not possible to not feel the spirit of the holiday in the air already. Our traditions are slightly different, but egg decoration is very much in my blood, literally. We usually make our eggs right before the Easter, and we try to maintain the spirit and tradition of pysanky, but I stumbled upon so many different beautiful eggs this year, we may try something new for ourselves too.

Pinterest is overflowing with ideas. Here are a few of my favorites:

white marker eggs 
golden dipped eggs ( i think i'll try this one! in my version of it) 
famous pysanky eggs ( a video how-to)
newspaper eggs
pantone eggs ( cute!)
nyc subway eggs ( love!)

For pictured above eggs, more decoration ideas and Easter basket fun go here.

have a fabulous weekend and



  1. Wow, these eggs are AMAZING! I wish a was creative enough to do something like that. That's so interesting that you celebrate at a different time- I hope you enjoy the long weekend regardless! x

    1. Yes, the difference in Gregorian and Julian calendars :) I DO wish it was all the same, but hey - I guess that's why there is Catholic and Orthodox churches :)

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they? I think it's enough to make the next 10 years beautiful :)

  3. очень красиво!!!! хочу сделать "газетные" и "золотые", хотя красивые все. Мы тоже уже так ждем пасху!!!

    1. Ya tozhe budu zolotie probovat'! I gazetnie mne ponravilis - ochen' neobichnie. a voobwe ya vsegda obyazatel'no delayu krasnie , v lukovoj sheluhe - po "babushkinomu" :)


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