January 16, 2014


How is your January going? 
At the calendar marking the 17th, it is an "already" and "only" more then half way through the first month of the year. We've had a few birthdays ( year end and year start are some busy times for us) , greeted the New Year and what comes with it,  celebrated Christmas again  ( Orthodox Christmas is in January , and no presents ) , had some dear friends visit ( and i can't believe i have ZERO pictures of them), dealt with flu ( no fun at all), and are up and running with the K12 schooling system. 

Here is a little instagram recap of details:

^^ a little change for a tree topper this year is , i believe , my favorite part of the tree decor ^^

^^ a little helper at the mielle candy shop helping mama prep for one of the birthdays we had last month * i fell in love with this little place. so very highly recommend! * ^^

^^ the birthday boy's morning and a little box of macaroons. a little less nutritious breakfast then i prefer , but birthdays are once a years, so why not , right? ^^

^^ decisions, decisions... we took a new approach to the birthday cake this year ( upon kids' request and SO happily approved by this mama: instead of baking a cake, they decided to go for a slice from a bakery. we figured that each would get 2 slices if we baked a cake ourselves, so we went to the total of eight bakeries to find 8 different cakes that they liked which spread over the course of 2 weeks. let me tell you - i loved it. not only did i not have to cut out 2 or so hours from my already way-too-overbooked schedule to make the cake, but the fun of going around, picking-choosing and then sharing bites and spreading the birthday fun over several days vs just one has been so great that I am thinking of making it a permanent tradition in our non-traditional family. fitting too, right? ^^

^^ but we are not immune to traditional stuff: like a "nutcracker" or a fussy baby and a super tired mama ( aka THE crabby pants ) ^^

^^ the 2014 midnight picture. considering the "numbers" of people in this "little" family of ours, i am just happy the two of US are looking in the camera, even if it is too dark and waaay to grainy of a shot. on another note , i have noticed a nice side-effect of having a lot of kids: by the time you get to your food, it is typically 80% gone, so here is to never being afraid to try new and delicious things. if you like it, they will like it too, so no danger of overindulging here. ^^

^^ when you wait for Grandfather Frost to some (* Grandfather Frost = Santa, but on New Year, cultural fun thing from my childhood that we keep in our family for our kids to experience too) ^^

^^ arabian shade-dance , or side-effect of loving the nutcracker too much ^^

^^ new year's day explorations in little italy and finding our destination. he thought we should go right. we went left because the google map on my iphone said so. ^^ 

^^ turns out technology does not know everything ^^

^^ a GREAT benefit of exploring new things on a holiday: you get an entire trolley bus to yourselves ^^
^^ and the little man slept... ^^

^^ ... and smiled . just the way i like it ^^

^^ the best personal christmas card in the world : from our family to yours, five kids and hair-do's included ^^

^^ christmas eve service ^^

^^ between the two shots we've got a family picture ^^

^^ one more reason why i love the bassinet so much: off and up the SLEEPING baby goes ^^

^^ a little surprise E prepared for us on one of our starbucks' nights. he doesn't pull himself to sitting just yet, but he will surely sit ( and refuse to lay down too) when he is awake. and considering that he's got at least 5 people run to him at his slightest sound, no wonder E is not in a hurry of doing everything by himself ^^

^^ a little expresso and a fine cocoabella chocolate to celebrate the first weekend of the 2014 ^^
^^ i love unexpectedly running into people i know. even if one of them is pouting ^^

^^ face-making is her second nature ^^

^^ and here is what happens when you get too involved in animated reading and don't pay attention to your most important person in your lap : ^^
^^ he spits all over you. ^^
ps: i love having a pre-teen who snaps pics non-stop. 

^^ the best seat on the trolley ^^ 
( i have suspicions that it was THE trolley that awarded us with the flu )

^^ i wish that deciding on a good vitamin was as easy as deciding on a great stroller ^^

^^ self-dressed and ready to go have fun ^^
^^ this is that moment when you forget how actually hard it is to have 2 little ones less then 2 years apart ^^

^^ and this is the moment when you forget that you haven't really slept for the last ... umm ... 10 years in my case ...^^

^^ attempt 1157 in trying to get a good picture with self-timer. it was all worth it ^^


This is a really small insta-summary of little Xplory-ations and Crusi-ing around. The grand plan is to sort through 12 32GB memory cards of it all this weekend and share some of the amazing details with you that the real camera has captured.

 Crossing fingers and toes that nobody gets sick again.

* pictures are taken with the iphone 5s. vsco cam is used to edit when desired 
*want to peek more into our life? instagram knows it all!

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