October 14, 2008

Sea Veggies

So, for the past few weeks I've been craving sea vegetables ( sea weeds :)) . I don't know what it is in them that I need right now ( need to research and see, maybe baby's development right now requires more minerals) , but I know they are super rich in minerals, and are a great source of B-12. So, something there is what my body needs. I've been wrapping everything into the nori sheets, and then dipping those in tahini dressing ( oh , we had lot's of fun making different tahini dressings too!!). But today I read on one of the other sites about kelp noodles, and happen to find them in our health food store! SUPERB!!! As they are raw, and basically, just tasteless - they just have this noodley texture and are somewhat crunchy at first, but if you soak them in a dressing or marinade, they completely absorb any flavor! I tired them with my tahini sauce ( of course) and with marinade

Olive oil
apple cider vinegar
Everything to taste , as everyone is different. I like my "tingy", so I add a lot more vinegar and cayenne.

After soaking them in the marinade for 10 minutes , the noodles were FANTASTIC!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. And apparently, as i was reading the package, you can use them in salads, soups, etc. Well, here comes the "benefits of sea veggies" heaven!

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