June 06, 2009

Alive in me...

I've learned , once again, of the Beauty of Spirituality and the power of Divine Love. I've been a little nostalgic over the last couple of weeks. Today is the 10 year mark of my wonderful grandfather passing away, whom I was very close with ( as I spent 1/2 of my childhood with my grandparents due to my parents' jobs and travels). I longed to go back to my childhood. To re-live, again, my wonderful , careless years, filled with love and endless happiness. I cried more over the last 2 weeks then , probably, over the last year. What wouldn't I give for one more evening, with a cup of tea on the table, a beautiful fruit vase, and endless talk about the day passed... Warmth, peace and LOVE. I remember my grandfather's tears when I was leaving for the airport to go to US. I never thought that would be the last time I'd see him, or my grandmother. She couldn't bare the life by herself - she always said that she wouldn't be able to live without the grandfather. And she held true to her word. My grandparents were an amazing couple - a pure example of LOVE and beautiful marriage. My grandfather took wonderful care of his family. Being an orphan, going through the war, captive in Germany, and more, he created his life just the way he imagined it to be, and he surely did an amazing job. He's always been an example of a person of high achievement and a person whose kindness radiated miles around him. I always wanted a man like my grandfather, and I am surely blessed. 
I desperately wished for them both to be here, to see what I see, to help me with their loving , caring and very much wanted and needed advice. And at one point I felt that they ARE near me. Felt it stronger then ever. I saw the glimpses of them in the bird that chirruped on our doorstep today. In the sun that was warming us. In my children's eyes... Thank you, for being close to me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being by me. I love you. A part of my heart will always belong to you. You are alive inside of me.  

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