June 08, 2009

Wether the weather...

Long, long time ago ( well, not really THAT long, just a few years back) one WISE person gave me an amazing remedy for sickness,
kid-craziness, aging, losing your head - you name it , it pretty much covers it. And the remedy was contained in one simple sentence : " Get out of the house before noon every day, no matter WHAT weather is like outside and no matter what your house looks like inside, for at least an hour". I must say, I held true to this rule and it really works for me. I modified it a little bit : I make sure I am out by 12:30 or before ( somehow those 30 minutes make a HUUUUGE difference when you have a babe), and I DO make sure my house is CLEAN before i leave. So, no matter what, no matter how, but it MUST be clean before 12:30 the latest with the kids fed-dressed-cleaned-schooled out- fed again-cleaned again- and the clothes STILL clean, waiting outside patiently ( NOTE : STILL clean). And YES, I held TRUE to " No MATTER WHAT the WEATHER is like outside". I always considered the weather being just that - the weather. A couple of raincoats and a raincover, cheap jeans and shoes - nothing really interesting. Until today. I learned THE weather has personality.

I got up and ready nice and early, with my dearest Mr Hubster helping cleaning the kitchen. Kids ready early. Babe slipping through the process. Stroller ready. Maya wrap - check. Raincoat, raincover, shoes - check, check, check. Rain stopped. Clouds left. Babe woke up. We're up and out before 11. Life is great! 10 minutes into our route I noticed THE clouds. But nothing major. Nothing a raincoat wouldn't fix. However in two minutes I realized that MAYBE we should turn around. So we did. And so did the clouds. Well... We waited a bit and decided to proceed with original destination. After all - errands are errands. 3 minutes after we turned West, so turned the CLOUDS. Considering I was still close to home and the amount of clouds coming in, I decided , that after all it MIGHT be a smarter solution to go back. 5 minutes after our turn around the sun is shinning brightly. NO clouds.

 At this point I am quietly cursing myself for my personal doubts, as I would be to my destination, finished and on the way back in this amount of time, instead of being 1/2 way there. SO! Determined I - and we all untimately - go. About 10 minutes into it the clouds are starting to gather up. But just small clouds. Besides, I already played this game. Right? Riiiight.... WROOOONG. Within a minute a couple of raindrops turn into a massive rain. I BARELY make it in time to open up the raincover and cover the stroller, zip up kiddos raincoats. And by the time I reach for mine, I am SO SUPER SOAKED. But I get it anyway. Put it on. The rain STOPS. But there are STILL clouds AND now , considering that it actually DID rain hard , I decide to turn for home - with the intention to change and go back out. DRY and WITH the raincoat on. 3 minutes into the walk back, the sun is out. I feel really "fashionable" wearing the raincoat with the sun shinning. I take it off, and the raincovers. I found it , actually, rather pleasant to be out - wet in the sun with the after-the-rain smell. Ahhhh... Something about early summers... As we are walking back , I notice that the clouds are gathering again, and think to myself, how smart I am for going back . Maybe we'll just wait it out for 15-20 minutes , and I STILL will be out again before 12:30.

 So, about 1 minute away from the house it starts sprinkling - just a couple of drops, nothing major. And we are a minute away. Less. We'll make it home. Or not. I decided to be SMART and cover the kids UP, BEFORE it hits, in case it does. So , they are nice and warm like bugs in their little world. The raincoats are zipped. And I am just 40 or so seconds away from the house, plus already wet, some sprinkling would not really make THAT much of a difference. And then it DOES. In 30 or so seconds away from my house I got down poured on. AGAIN. I mean - 40-gallons-per-one-freakin'-second - for-at-least-10-seconds wet. And then it stopped. I opened the door to the birds chirruping AFTER the rain. WET. ANGRY. Decided that since the weather cannot decide what to do, I WILL. STAY HOME. So I did. It hasn't rained since. What am I to conclude, but that the weather purposely lurred me out of the house far enough so that IT could get ME WET!?... Twice.


  1. Ok, this is a FUNNY story! I'm sure you're laughing about it now. hehe That Utah weather, goodness.

  2. :) My husband about died laughing when when I told him. :)

  3. I miss those summer high-mountain storms. Fickle, fickle, fickle.

    Once, I started walking my way home from work on 5th North and University in Provo. Mostly clear sky with a few high clouds. I got to the sidewalk from the second-story office, walked the 50' down the sidewalk even with a Chevron, and the hail hit.

    I ducked under the gas station's pavillion (you know, where the gas pumps are), watched the hail beat fiercely down, and thought about how much the few strikes I'd gotten had hurt. And felt really, really blessed. :o)

    Thanks for the story, Olya. I hope you're laughing about it now! :oD

  4. Wow that sounded like Seattle! :) I love your motto of getting out of the house before noon (or 12:30). I heard you mention that several months ago and I have to say it creeps up in my mind a lot! I think it isa really great philosophy and I know the days that I do follow that, I feel very accomplished. :)

  5. That is insane!!!! What a crazy morning. Maybe the big guy thought you'd like to take a couple more showers before the afternoon. Seriously, that is psychotic weather.

  6. That is so bizarre! Crazy! I'm sorry I didn't tell you I would be in Utah. It was a very scheduled family trip and I only saw one friend, whom I invited to the family bbq because she's my second cousin :) But also I am coming again in July and I am in the process of trying to arrange a big picnic or something with lots of dancers. I have a few days (July 7-10) totally for seeing friends, so I hope you'll be around!

  7. OK Olya! Look on facebook because the info for the BYU Ballet picnic is on there! I am going with July 8th at 10 am at a park in Lehi-ish. (Details from Lindsey Fromm to come) Come!


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