May 20, 2010

It's time

With craziness and changes over the last couple of months, my all important nutrition routine has taken its tall. It's time to revamp and redo. Reporting it daily, or every other day will be good for disciplining. And on that note ...

Some time ago I had a friend mention , that there should be complete freedom in doing ( this case "eating"), letting go of control and just doing what works. The theory is that once one stops being a "control freak", it all works out by itself.

Well... It doesn't really work that way. Discipline is discipline. There is a difference between being a control freak and controlling oneself because of discipline. I remember helping out my aunt ( who was a kindergarden teacher ) many years ago, and her telling to one angry 4 year old, who was creaming and explaining to her that he's so "angry, he can't even talk, because so-n-so is not sharing the blocks". ( cute , isn't it? ) So, she said " Well, even through you are angry, that doesn't mean that you need to cry or scream. That only shows one's lack of manners."
A little doll controlled himself and , through tears, but calmly sorted situation out. Isn't it a WOW situation? It engraved in my memory forever. It is real. While it doesn't work all the time perfectly, it works as I applied it to my children. Now - am I raising "control freaks"? No. I do not believe so. They are growing to be disciplines individuals, knowing how to deal with occurring situations and WORK THROUGH them with the MIND still intact. I believe this is important. Keeping one's "cool" is essential for anything one will do in life, whether it is raising kids, dealing with new developments at work, eating , etc.

Now back to food. From thinking and reasoning ( and I love to do that, and I don't think it's a bad thing either. Arthur Connan Doyle had one of the greatest minds in the history, I think we all could take a leaf out of his book. Will do nothing but good ), the bases are still there: discipline is discipline. One must do what one must do , to keep things balanced. I mean - we don't question why we brush our teeth, right? It's it the MOST controlling thing? Twice a day. Or even MORE often! But we do it, because it's good for us even we are absolutely ridiculously tired. A person that keeps their teeth clean = control freak? I hope not. It seems that the 'freak part' would apply to the one that would question that. SO!

I am doing a month of "intense revamping". I feel like we need juicing , and a lot of it. New treats - we are oh, so bored of our every day trail mix. And speaking of that : need new snack food, or maybe snack drink... And most and foremost : NEED MORE VARIETY for dinner. I love what we have, but we are ultimately are getting too "routined". Need changes. Need more fun. I'll report every evening. Or every other one , if things get too crazy.

May 20, 2010. Day 1. 30 days to go.

Control freak or discipline?

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  1. Good luck with this! I don't think it's being a control freak at all. I think people who assume you can just relax and let things take their course...will inevidably not be successful because they will succumb to a very laxadazical lifestyle. maybe not all, but most. I am of the opinion that we need to discipline ourselves as well.

    Good luck with the new menu!


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