May 20, 2010

Today is...

A ROSE day in Bulgaria. How cool is that? I think I am going to celebrate by getting a bouquet of roses and putting it to use too. Bulgarians spread the petals all over, and weave the wreaths out of certain types of roses. Pretty and romantic!

On the food note :
No juicing ( but all the ingredients for tomorrow), but green drink instead ( the green water , as the kids call it) , beet salad ( beets, carrot, avocado, parsley and leaks + spices and seasonings ) for dinner, and lots of happy giggles when deciding what to get for tomorrow.

I also decided to add one more thing - doing something new every day. Something I might have always wanted to do, but never had time to , or something I never thought of doing. I saw the world through my kids eyes today. It is fascinating.

May 21, day 2, 29 days to go.

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