July 11, 2012

LES FEMME MODA : insta-style and updates

Alright, my friends. 
The sad update is that my hard drive was faulty. 

Apparently, it was failing ever since I got my new MacBook not too long ago, but I simply ( here is the lack of computer education) written it off to loading massive photo files on it and considered it as a side effect. It is in the shop right now with a Mac support team trying to get the data off it... 

 Send me some good vibes - not just entire two month of blogging are on it, but also 3/4 of matials for a magazine I told you about. So, pretty much, one part of entire professional life is on it right now. 

Until then I'll do my best to update you as much as I can off my iPad. It's a little touch since it looks like blogger does not particularly allow to upload pictures unless they are web images... Any tips? 

Here is a bit of Less Femme Moda, off my instagram pre-view: 

jeans: topshop, love + love. tee: autographed from FNO 2009, but this would work beautifully too. shoes: ann taylor. bag: tory burch. necklace: jcrew. bracelets: jcrew, gorjana, nordstrom. lips: chanel, similar from mac .

 You can keep in touch with me ( until all technical issues are fixed) via INSTAGRAM {@livingnotes} and TWITTER {@livingnotesnyc}. I update LFM daily as well as a bunch of other interesting bits and pieces!


1 comment:

  1. Oh no! I hope they recover everything. If not, holy moly that last picture of you is stunning!


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