February 04, 2013


this week instagrams are really some small bits.
the SUN is out and the temperatures were nice, so, naturally, we spent every second soaking it all in. 
you know, just in case utah changes its mind again. i will tell you though, it's magical what sun can do to one's mood. birds are singing and i was all but skip-hopping the streets, morning sickness and all ( even THAT i think is better ) 

we are not big on watching games here, so while many have been "gaming", we have been jumping, 
stealing towels , reading books and singing. our main man had a work week overload, 
sunday included, so we used the time to everything that normally wouldn't be done, 
which, in these kids minds , equals to immense amount of FUN. 
like bringing all the projects to the living room, reading Sherlock Holmes ( did i ever mention how
HAPPY i am they love it?!) and recording about a 1000 videos of the littlest ones 
because they are instant mood boosters for all of us here ( seriously. no matter the hard day, my 
smile stretches ear to ear when they do something innocently absolutely adorable. the older kids
are on "my side" of the camp now. they are in the "observation" over "doing it" stage now)
this 'say mama' made me laugh out loud , and the kisses with the apple and this singing melted my very buttery heart for 10000th time that day ( please, don't worry - the "ow!" was a response to tickling,
i didn't cut it well.  plus "owie" is that new word that's being used with EVERYTHING right now)
And speaking of those videos, i am loving ( and overloading) that new vine app. 
i also posted some of the videos on twitter if you don't have vine
I caved in and replied to 100th tag of "5 things about you" , and that's about all
we have as to this "insta-week in bits and pieces"

hope you had a great weekend and 
wishing you a fabulous monday! 

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  1. adorable.
    while i couldn't care any less.. my husband was into the game and he is trying very hard to get my two year old interested too.. which is cute too


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