April 26, 2013


jacket :grey antics via gilt ( similar style here or here ). jeans : jbrand also love these with zips! . tee dress : marc jacobs via gilt (love this similar one). bag: latico ( old - similar hobo here) . shoes : ivanka trump ( old and not that comfortable, as it turned out by the state of "pretty" blisters. better similar here and absolute favorite for comfort and quality here). bracelets : personalized love cuff via lmpd c/o,  personalized pandora

Belly pops more each day and it calls for some looooong tees and really stretchy jeans. In my experience, I have not been able to find any maternity jeans that do not sag on the bottom ( sooo "flattering", especially "boosts" your confidence when you are pregnant...) , so some stretchy jeans size up with a "rubber band trick" have been my life-savers. I'm contemplating about the belly band, but not sure if it is worth trying - have any of you tried it? Does it really work? Did you like it if so?

All around, this got to be my favorite time - the belly is big enough that it is visible to be a "legit" preggers belly, not just extra dinner, but not SO big that you can't do anything. The baby kicks are much more visible and I know already that I am going to miss this like crazy. Any of you first time moms out there - ENJOY this time. It will pass before you know it, and - anxious as we all are to meet the new little one, this near the end time is always missed. 

The weather is beautiful outside and , fingers crossed it stays that way, I am hoping on taking everyone and all to spend a lot of time in the canyon and mountains this weekend. The blooming trees are in their perfect state right now and we need some "nature connection" time too.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Also, the giveaway winner announced here.


  1. Gorgeous! You are so beautiful every day, but you pregnant is absolutely wonderful.

    1. thank you so much! your comments always make me smile :)


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