June 05, 2013


Considering the fact that the little baby will be here in just a few short weeks, I thought a little trip with still four kids would be a great idea - memories, you know... So we packed some necessities, grabbed our Crusi (though four year old mostly walks, it's still nice to have an option of on-the-go napping but enjoy a small footprint of a stroller frame to navigate in tight tourist spots), the carrier for "just in case", and were on the road before the kids even realized what was happening. 

Though we didn't have much time and the weather was really warm ( about 106 degrees warm ), I think it was one of the best trips.  In between places, we stopped by Venetian to cool down and absolutely fell in love. If you are looking a place to visit - I think it's worth a stay. So beautiful inside and out, breath-taking decor,  delicious food and very entertaining shows. We stopped by to watch a few , but by far did not make it even to 1/10 of happenings. Bottom line - we will most likely be back sometime this summer.

^^ navigating the map . i was very glad we grabbed the carrier  at the last minute. it was a LIFE SAVER, and i am not exaggerating when saying so: 5 hours into it, everyone was still happy: the baby, daddy and his back and me ( because all those that could run away were securely and comfortably "in" something. trust me , when you have more kids then your hands, you need some reliable helpers ( ours are from here and here ) . ^^

^^ considering the amount of "wow!"s , i think a trip to Italy is due sometime in future. brought some warm memories to my heart as well and made me feel really homesick. love as i do the us and all my americans, i do miss europe sometimes ...^^

^^ enchanted by beautiful gondolier's singing. i was too ^^

^^ such talented performers ^^ ^^daily life or traveling, i cannot say enough about a necessity of a good, reliable and comfortable stroller. it is so worth the investment. we couldn't be happier with ours that converts to cover all needs possible, and is EASY to push ( a BIG must for me) ^^

^^ the masks brought all the memories of the art and venetian mask history. it is quite fascinating, actually ^^

^^ though not in real Italy, but how can you visit Venice without some gelato, right?^^

^^ she didn't get her own, but everyone shared. it's all about bonding, as i see it ( the fact that she was comfortably strapped onto daddy's back and he didn't want gelato there may have had something to do with it too ) ^^

 Have you been to Venetian? Did you love it? 

How about Italy? 


  1. Oh my gosh! I am loving your photos and I'm so glad you got to having a family outing as epic as this one. So lovely. Now I want to go to Italy.

    1. Thank you! Those photos did turn out unexpectedly much better then I thought! And it was so fun too :)


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