June 18, 2013


"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection."

^^ 2 best "backpacks" we've ever owned ^^

^^ a playground in the mountains. only in utah ^^

^^ may not look like much, but the baker i found puts his heart and soul into his creations. add to this that the last time we bought doughnuts was about 6 years ago, this was really something unusual :) ^^

^^ these two photos added to the top of my "favorite pictures" list. my - for now - two men, father and son, talking. no words ^^

^^ a full-on rock star concert with dancing ... ^^

^^ and a little "doughnut break" - because who doesn't need one when performing?^^

^^ some seriously creative dancing, and EVERYONE participated.  i couldn't be happier ^^
  ^^ as the sun started to go down, the views of the city below us were nothing but gorgeous. which was about time we climbed a little higher to watch the sun go down and count all of our lucky stars ^^
  ^^and let me tell you too - for a baby, 1 year old or a 4 year old, those carriers are absolute musts. i have never been able to pull of this type of a trick at 9 months pregnant ( AND being comfortable too!) with any other carrier, THAT too i now know for sure. ^^


  1. Такие классные фотографии... Оля, тебе когда уже рожать? животик такой маленький?)))

    1. spasibo :) temnelo, mi nashelkali, chto uspeli :) moglo bi bit' i luchshe - nuzhno poizuchat' iskusstvo photographii :) u nas idet 39 nedelya - no zhivotik malenkim sovsem mne ne kazhetsya! :) :) :) on horosho "pryachetsya" :)

  2. я за вас очень рада, ты прям откровенно-мой герой)))


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