July 10, 2013


It has been only 5 days since this beautiful little person joined our family, yet I cannot imagine my life without him, not even for one little second. He smoothly merged into our lives from day one when my heart skipped a beat as I saw the very much desired "pregnant" on a home pregnancy test and ran downstairs unable to contain my happiness.

The miracle of birth never seizes to amaze me. Every child has a way they choose to come to this world. I am so blessed to have been able to experience of that sacred part with the last three births, by letting my children choose the day and time they wished to have as their arrival. If you know me enough, then you probably know that I am a big supporter of all things natural whenever possible. Home water birth is something I have been blessed to experience, but I want to put a quick note and disclaimer here: homebirth requires thorough preparation, qualified caregivers and open mind, as it may not be for everyone or every situation - so if you are considering one, please, do not take it lightly. It is a wonderful experience, and I am counting my lucky stars.

Evyianne's path was smooth and calm. He started his journey a week ahead of the actual arrival date, which made my heart leap up every day ( and then descend just as fast as I realized that the end ( and the start of something new)  was not quite there yet). After a few days it has become very clear that the more I excite myself for "maybe today?!", the more disappointment I set myself up for later that evening. I redirected my bouts of energy elsewhere and decided to take advantage of the last few days with just the four of my crew, and do all and everything that could fit into the daytime hours. 

We visited only about 100 museums, went to botanical gardens, had picnics, play times, took some art classes ( and made some master pieces that are now framed in my bedroom and make my heart melt every morning as I open my eyes). We were so happily occupied at our favorite ( and first visit this season) cafe that when the time came, it got simply waved off as one of those "typical" things, since I was still 3 days away from the due date. About 20 minutes into our conversations at gelato bar, the overbearing feeling of something new made it clear that changes are coming, and coming soon. I smiled in my mind. There is something magical about knowing what others don't. As time went on, the calm assurance that we are at the end of one journey and at the start of the other became un-doubtful. I pictured that by the time midnight hits, I will meet my little baby in person. But that was not what he pictured for himself. 

Though definitely in labour , and active one too, this time was very different from anything I have experienced before : mild, almost surreal. If not for my midwive's constant assurance of the progress, I would have to doubt that this indeed was the actual "labour". By 2 am though, it became clear that not only there would not be a late night arrival, but there will most definitely be a fourth of July little patriot. I laughed - the only date I initially hoped not to have a baby on ( after having a little Christmas miracle, much as we loved it, is rather tough for birthday celebrations - all the friends are always away celebrating with their families) , that was the date the baby wanted to have as his birthday. As the beautiful morning came and Anthems were being sang around the neighborhood, I wondered if I should call the midwife again. Though regular and continuous, the labour was so mild comparing to the other ones I've experienced before, that it almost seemed unreal that there could possibly be a little person coming into this world soon. But the common sense won, and I am glad it did. Evyianne Zlatoslav joined into our family a little over an hour after, at pink, beautiful and kissable 7 lbs 5 oz 21 1/2 " long. 

Though surprised in many ways - from having a baby 2 days before the due date, to having one during the day ( all other babies were born in the middle of the night), to the mild and chilled labour - I couldn't have dreamed of a better birth. I didn't know my heart had any more capabilities of expanding, but it is exploding with gratitude and love for this sweet little person whose breath I am listening to as I type and whose little face I cannot stop looking at and none of us can. He brought much love and peace with him. He filled the gap we didn't even know we had, but realize how much we were missing without his presence. I look at Evyianne sleeping and try to imagine what he will be like in a few months, in a year or when he is 6. We have so much to share with him, which will come in due time, but all my mind is filled with right now is the immense gratitude to God for our five biggest blessings.  

^^ the first hours ^^

^^ meeting the "bibi". she is such a little mommy! not a moment without her putting a blanket on or bringing me another little sock we lost ( how is that NONE of those baby socks stay on?!)^^

^^ marveling over the little guy. i love them so ^^

^^ evening of the 4th ^^

ps: this bassinet has been my life-saver.  it is light, small enough and easy to transport from room to room, breathable, easy to access and the baby loves it. it traveled everywhere with me in the last few days - from my bedside to a shower - and, for once, i am at peace of mind about where my baby is and how he is doing ( if you are a mom, you know that " is he breathing?!" mode for the first few weeks...) and it's simply beautiful. way to go, stokke!

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  1. Какая чудная история, Оля! А кто у вас родился на рождество? Моя дочь родилась 23 декабря-я тоже называю ее подарком на рождество))) а сын - 25 мая - ну ты помнишь, у нас это последний звонок в школе)))


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