August 14, 2013

Insta-life through IPhone & Instagram

^^there are lots of mommies around here that want to make sure their babies get the best of the rides ^^

This tiny tiny person is the center of all our worlds right now. 

I've said that before and will repeat it over and over again : it's amazing how someone so small can turn an entire universe upside down on a whim and throw your routine out of the window like no big deal. There is no question that he got us wrapped around those miniature fingers within the very seconds of his arrival and is definitely holding firmly on to it. 

These first few weeks just flew by, it's bittersweet, and I will say, even sad. I am exhausted beyond my physical limits - doing it all and everything by just myself while trying to get the body of mine ready for a performance season ( which is no joke of its own, not mentioning the after-the-baby business) has been, in simple language, difficult. Very difficult. My hat is and will always be off to moms of multiples - it must be insanely crazy. But my heart bleeds when I walk down the hall to the kitchen in the morning and with my eyes mark another new date on the wall calendar. Again and again I wish there was the power in me to turn 24 hours into 34, so that another extra minute would be there to kiss for a millionth time those little feet and tiny fingers. Sleep, so much needed and usually so much loved, seems so ... treacherous right now. At the very least.

Babies are miracles.
 My heart is filled with gratitude forever.

^^ i find my two men together often. one with the book. another with the fist in his mouth, bonding ^^

^^ does "sleep when your baby sleeps" advice ever worked for anyone? one is too excited to sleep when it's the first baby. and it is just as much of an excitement when it is your fifth ^^

^^ summertime is for fun. like "hunting" the targets for one^^

^^ or listening to summer concerts. with personalities shining through and through ^^

^^ the little smurf in his royal carriage, scootin' around like nobody's business. i love it. he adores it. enough said ^^

^^ we have been exploring new surrounding parks and found a few new favorites. one thing i know for sure : with little ones there is never enough park-time ^^

^^ it also takes me twice as long to run my typical "route". "eating time", you know...^^

^^ polka dots, stripes, florals and THE color of the season - check! believing that purple for men and boys is a great choice - check!check!check! ^^

^^ greens were a big hit that day. and so were hats ^^

and then this happened. he cried. she same and kissed him: 

^^ he calmed right down and listened to her sing. my heart melted and is still softer then butter ^^

^^ new hair is one way to make up for lack of sleep. looks like we matched our stripes too, though i only noticed it when i looked at the picture. ^^  

ps: for those inquiring - strollers seen in this posts are from stokke connection like : stokke crusi, scoot and xplory with the riding board. i love them all and they each cover different needs. i highly recommend reading up on them on stokke site to see if you are an "M", "C" or "U".


  1. Классные фото, Оля! Твои дети просто прелесть))) У вас новая Скут? Как вам она?

    1. spasibo! Scoot - otnositelno novij. Sidenie - eto to , chto v Crusi ispolsuetsya. Mne ochen'nravitsya - kak dlya novorozhdennogo, tak i dlya malen'kogo rebuonka. Mi ezdili v druhoj gorod na metro s peresadkami - ochen' udobno. Ya imenno dlya etogo i vsyala Scoot - legko i neobremenitel'no.


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