August 30, 2013

WEEKEND WITH STOKKE : a trip to Gardner Village

 I love being on the go. A working week full on or a weekend, it is a rarity when we stay put for longer then what's absolutely necessary. Rain or shine - we had to get out.  Few weekends ago we made our way to Gardner Village. The rain was down-pouring as we were planning to leave, but we figured there isn't much summer fun without splashing in the puddles, and grabbed the rain necessities to go anyway. Should I mention the excitement level of the children? ("Over-the-moon-excited" doesn't come close)

By the time we got to the parking lot the rain stopped, puddles nearly gone and clouds barely there. We were about to get disappointed to only realize just in time that because there was rain, but not anymore, we got to have the village pretty much entirely to ourselves to explore. We stopped by a few little shops, a bakery, a knitting corner, switched the mini-person a few times between the stroller and the carrier to make both of us happy,  and by the time the clock hit 7pm, everyone was happy, satisfied, a little tired and ready to go home. And I thanked my Stokke "helpers" about 1001 time in my mind and out aloud - judging by the fact of how easily we rolled around, one would never guess we had a couple of babies on our hands, not even mentioning the fact of the demanding little newborn. I mentioned it 100 times before and I will say it 1000000 times again : there is nothing like comfort, function and quality in baby gear to make parents' lives easier, and Stokke knows how to implement them all plus more.

Here is some - in words of Yeva -  pictumentary ( pictures + documentary. i love when kids make up words!)
^^ hair all messed up = lots of fun ^^

^^ boys will always be boys. and then girls follow ^^
^^ those little feet tracked lots of miles that day... ^^

^^ and checked in on a little brother only about 100 times ^^

^^ happy and comfy. both of us ^^

^^ where there is one, there are two...^^ 

  ^^ ... and then three and four, of course! ^^

Wishing you a happy weekend, and here is a fun list of ideas if you are in NYC!

pps: stroller is stokke crusi in mono mode, carrier - mycarrier Cool ( for the summer heat) 

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