September 20, 2013

Life lately through Instagram and IPhone

^^ this cute button nose has stolen my heart forever ^^ 

Last couple of weeks have flown by like nothing else. The land of baby-hood ( the newborn-hood, I should say) that taken it's usual front and center place has swallowed me up a bit , though I will say that , considering the amount of new ( and some unexpected ) happenings around, we've done quite well at juggling it all and dropping nothing. Though I may just be about 5600+ photos behind on editing , more then 100 ( literally ) important emails to send out, and about 20+ posts still in my PDF files, it is all worth the late night catch-up work in exchange for every daytime minute with my mom. After a five year long break between the visits, much paperwork and schedule adjusting, she is finally here, and this time is treasured beyond anything there is.

^^ taking off from the minute one like best friends. thanks heavens for skype and technology"

^^ priceless time with newest baby. higher is better for many reasons. this is one of them ^^

^^ sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get an extra game of mini-cricket for grandma ^^

^^ mini-person and mini-bowling. and the best partner to cheer one up ^^

^^ having an extra set of eyes and hands is amazing. concentrating on work while mom is near after 5 years of not seeing each other - impossible ^^

^^ play-grounded out ^^

^^ dady + business trip = endless love to see him back . even if he didn't realize that t-shirts have sizes ^^

^^ scooting around in comfort and style with polka-dots and stripes ^^

^^ you've most likely seen it already, but we are so over-the-moon excited, and the new releases are so gorgeous, it's worth another mention.^^

^^ see what i mean?!^^

^^ and this classic beauty?! makes me want to keep the baby stage forever ^^

^^ red carpet worthy and ready to stroll...^^

^^... right into the arms of the hollywoods' bests^^

^^ do you think the kids love it too?! ^^

^^ this has touched my heart so much. children's love is unconditional, always ^^

^^ good words to remember...^^

^^...and the words to live by^^

^^ these blue eyes have stolen my heart . what wouldn't i do to see the happiness in them. even if it means i live on 2 hours of sleep. constantly ^^

^^ some fresh hair-do and a little red lip ... ^^

^^...and i am as good as new doing what i love best : making memories (photo credit to my mini-photographer. #caughtinaction ^^

sps: strollers seen in pictures are the  Stokke Connection line: Stokke Crusi, Stokke Xplory and Stokke Scoot with Soft Bag.


  1. Оля, какой чудный малыш!!!! Глаза действительно - прелесть! Я очень рада, что мама с тобой. Это очень помогает, само ее присутствие. отличный пост! Спасибо!

  2. So much love! I was just thinking how I've seen your family grow over the years and every year you guys are more and more beautiful and loving.


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