September 10, 2013

LOVE the urban, chic and classic Stokke!

 While we are catching up on everything we are a little behind here on ( watch this space for some very exciting news very soon!), I couldn't wait but share with you another new released color for Stokke Connection Strollers. Stokke always have done well, but every new announcement they make just keeps getting better and better. I loved the Urban Blue, and adore this Beige Melange! That picture of Xplory bellow! And the new blankets?!  

Do you think Stokke completed with the releases or should we wait for more? Any guesses what they will do next? Considering the work of art ALL Stokke products are, it is no wonder Stokke Xplory held a very well deserved place on the exhibit at MoMA. Though comes as no surprise to us, we extend our congratulations to Stokke on My Child Excellence Award 2013!

Enjoy and keep your eyes open for some news! 



  1. Класс! Новинки просто супер! Если честно, то я растерялась даже, какой пледик выбрать))) У нас футмуфт салатовый, а пледов таких в украине уже сказали, что нет...Может, в киеве еще найду...

    1. u vas uzhe est' novie pledi?! Klass! U nas tol'ko v Oktyabre budut...


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