November 12, 2008

Why we love Obama and hate current medical system...

This is why I HATE medical system. All my pregnancy was nothing , but frustration with medical system. Why I went there in the first place? Well, let's just put it this way : blown away a little by a rough beginning, too stressed out to think, desperate for solution. Since my 2 previous pregnancies were "high risk" ( as I found out later FAR from being so, don't I love doctors by now?) , I just dived again, thinking that "so it is my fate...". Well, I am SO GRATEFUL that God led me to WONDERFUL people that helped me to see things the way they actually are. For the first time I am actually happy being pregnant, baby is doing great, etc. SO. Back to medical system - and let me tell you - MEDICAL SYSTEM has nothing to do with MEDICINE. I got a bill today , before the insurance, for $1700. And then Justin and I look at the dates, and realize that this amount only takes care of less then 2 weeks length of time! And THEN I realize , that all those tests I DID NOT want to have and was really frustrated by , is what the bill isi FOR!!! Now, the BEST part is , that there was one day, where I went in feeling GREAT and the baby was doing GREAT. Apparently, the fact that I came in and the baby decided to sleep at the same time they decided to run tests was not a good reason for waiting for the baby to be awake. And so , they freak out the baby, cause me to have contractions (, now not the baby, BUT I go in severe emotional distress ), and then , guess what???? They charge me OVER $650 for it!!!! And then add to it that they do the ultrasound ( and I cannot see HOW they could, but they obviously can) , and charge me $140-$160 for just switching the position of the U/S machine that I didn't need in the first place!!! Oh, pure frustration.

All I can say, is that I REALLY am excited about all the changes Obama wants to make. Doctors need to start THINKING ABOUT PEOPLE, rather then themselves and money. Needless to say - I am not showing neither my face, nor definitely my belly at perinatology ever again. Or any "system" doctor for that matter.

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