January 31, 2009


I eat raw and organic living plant foods only. I have many reasons. There is ONE reason why : click here . and then
here Hungry?
I wish everyone would pay more attention to what we put inside of our bodies. You do not have to be a raw-vegan to understand that ORGANIC means more then just "cool". You watched the video. Imagine now WHAT kind of hormones the animal gets into their systems, and then it goes into our bodies. Think also about what you have heard about animals being sick with cancer and being ok'ed by the government as "healthy". What IF the hamburger you buy is the one from the sick animal? How do you know? How is it going to reflect on YOUR health? Or better yet - your CHILD's health? And this is only the physical part of it... And there is more to it: energy ... And then you also think the reasons WHY this is happening. If we ate , as GOD commended us, using meat sparingly, none of this would ever be an issue. This is only our meat/poultry/dairy department. But what goes on in the "plant massproduce" is just as bad.

Many people say : I cannot afford organic. The truth is everyone can. It just takes desire. My personal experience : while eating all raw , as the summer ended , a couple of new stores opened , we slowly slipped into " well, let's buy this not organic, don't want to go to the health food store right now...", and then the episodes repeated more and more. Then the store we usually buy produce at raised their prices, besides, with the brand new baby is was easier to just go to one place, so we justified our buying of 50/50 organic/conventional. And then we started to notice the difference. The difference in how we felt, the difference in how the food tasted, the difference in our emotions too. I believe that food is one of the most important sources of energy vibrations. The way the food was prepared is 50% of the equation, the way the food was brought up is another 50%. To make the long story short, we recommitted to buying organic only, despite of the prices, despite of the "extra time needed" ,etc, etc. Amazingly, when we make the right choices the Lord helps us, stars align and the Universe provides. The prices went down , as the store changes a few things in their business, I always make it to the store at the right time for the right sale, and the most amazing : the health food stores started to have MORE variety at much better prices as they started to have MORE demand ( and that was not just me buying all their stuff :) ). So, my point is : when we truly commit to ANYTHING , the Lord will help us with whatever we need to have help with when the decision is right. And when we talk about health, when we talk about life - ours and His other creations', when we talk about our mother Earth, then the decision is always right and the help will always be there. The change is needed, we have exausted natures resources, we polluted the air , land and water. The land is covered with hurricanes, floods and wars... How can it not be? Look what we - the conscious beings - are doing. 

The Earth is
fighting for peace. 

The piece that God intended it to have and Satan wants to take away. The question is simple : who's side are you on? Think about it...

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  1. We try to buy as much organic as we can and if we have to sacrifice we keep in mind which items MUST be organic no matter what.


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