July 12, 2009

FInding Life and Coming Home

As time is passing day by day, I am learning more and more who we really are. This year was a true year of changes. There is a , what "they" call it, a superstition : how one greets the new year, one will live that year. We've lived to prove it true. Just as wonderful and unusual was our New Year celebration, now is our life. 

If there is one thing that I've learned so far, it is the depth and layers of a simple phrase : " Accept yourself, be yourself". Being a true self, that seems to be so simple and easy , yet it is one of the most difficult things to do. Being a true self means having a courage to honestly look inside and accept each and every part. Even and especially those that one resents the most. Having the courage to learn about oneself, truly, sincerely. And then... Then to live it fully. From the heart. Letting go of the imprisonment of rules. Letting go of expectations. Letting go of the layers of "supposed to" blankets, and being self. Bare. Beautiful. Happy. Honest. Feeling the Divine LOVE, and , for the first time, living from the heart. It is one of the most humbling, overpowering, yet amazingly freeing feelings. I believe that to experience the true self in its honesty is one of the reasons for this beautiful Earth experience. I also believe that one cannot fully feel the love of Divine Father and Mother, our Nature and World around us without having at least a small taste of it. I've seen many amazing people living it - if not complete, then close to -  and there is no denying that there is Divine Presence with them. I like that over just "the Spirit" because there is so much more to the energy around them. Divine , unconditional LOVE in its purest form. Without judgement, without rules, without anything. Just pure , all-accepting, all-embracing and all-healing LOVE. Father's and Mother's LOVE
I am so very grateful for this amazing experience and a blessing, that has, again, changed and influenced our lives , freeing us to really be who we are. Apart from never ending soreness,  in the last two weeks I've learned more, then I've ever thought was possible. I , for the first time in a long time, again experienced what it is like to be SELF. Like a new baby that is learning to walk, first wobbly , yet determined , step by step we were learning to walk in our LIFE. We never realized , until then, how much of life we weren't living...It is like awaking from a long sleep, remembering the dream, and then actually living. Feeling the air on your face. The warmth of sun on your face. Hearing the sounds of life. Seeing children's smiles. Being present in the moment. Being self and being grateful. Learning to let go and out our hearts in Divine Hands and just flow with the Stream of Life...It is such an amazingly rewarding feeling, that... we decided to stay in this flow. I've - we both actually - in humble gratitude accepted the opportunity.  We had a feeling that this was a very important turn around in our lives. I am grateful for the lead and Divine Blessing.  Grateful for lessons lived and learned in Utah over the last 7 years.. Without them we wouldn't be on this path. Grateful for support and LOVE.  For the first time, after many stops on a long journey we found our HOME.  Didn't really find it. Came back. Or moved on. To a new coil of a never ending spiral of LIFE. Now we are learning to live in it. Bare. Beautiful. Self. Honest. HAPPY

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  1. Did the building in the picture actually curve like that or is that just an illusion? It's a very cool building nonetheless.


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