July 28, 2009

There are no blessings in life, life IS a blessing

There are no blessings in life, life IS a blessing. Every word says it all. Life , indeed, IS a blessing. A most beautiful, precious, and unrecognized blessing. It is a blessing even when it seems that the world is up side down. It is a blessing, when it seems that the hurricane diminished all. It is a blessing then the most loved one parts. It is a blessing when it seems that there is no darker place on earth. It IS. Because the blissful moment of creation of life is filled with Divine joy. Because in seemingly chaos the clutter washes out. Because in the upside down world one is able to see the most important things clearly. And because in the moment of darkness even the dimmest light is the brightest. Life is a blessing and joy. The Blessing Gifted to One. To Live. To Breath. To Discover. To Partake. To Enjoy. To Create. 

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