November 14, 2009

Bad Obama? Really...

So, I continue to hear " Bad, Obama", "No change", "BAAAD medical reform", and more bad-bad-bads. It really is that bad, that I just have to acknowledge is here. It really IS bad that 36 million are going to have health insurance. And for all the older aged population that seems to be so against it, since they are the "tax payers" ( and I am sure nobody else is) , those ARE your kids AND grandkids, that make just about $1 more then the cut out for CURRENT medicaid requirement is, but still make barely any money to make their ends meet. I am sure, they really should not be put on the health insurance. After all, who's even going to have like 3 babies while still in school, especially if they are LDS. Besides, particularly guys with the LDS missions, and all degrees and requirements for those MBA/Law/MD/OD degrees, they should know waaaay better, and start a family when they are all set, done and ready. Like, after 35. Definitely should not qualify.

And it REALLY is bad, that with that new reform, insurance companies are not going to be able to drop/ not add a person with a pre-existing condition. After all, it really is just another life's blessing to not have insurance because one is diabetic or has terminal illness. Seriously, why use someone else's tax money to help those people gain health or help with pain they are in. It's a much better investment to , AGAIN, resurface the roads, so that we can have MORE CARS polluting the air. Much better investment. For sure.

Or the addition of $98 billion to the Federal Education fund is a really, really bad idea. I mean,who needs education? Seriously. Especially, since it's free in the US. And especially, single mothers. Those really don't need any grants or scholarships. For goodness sake's, they've already got the baby ( or several) , don't they know better? It's totally wiser to CUT the fund ( like the unknown previous leader did), and really it is much more beneficial to Tarzan selves into the war. Every young man dreams about being killed, and really it is so much fun for the wives and families to not see their loved ones for months and months.

Oh, and the fact that the US is starting being recognized as a reputable country AGAIN throughout the world must really be a bad thing. Seriously. Who'd want that. Surely, not the taxpayers.


  1. Took the words right out of my mouth.

    Thank God for Obama.

  2. I disagree with Obama because I don't believe in entitlement

  3. We need reform, bottom line. My parents don't even own their home anymore that they have worked their entire life for because they couldn't pay for the medical bills they now have because my mom was suddenly struck with cancer last year. They are hard working people (and they've paid a hell of a lot of taxes) who ran into some bad health and couldn't afford the bills. There is something wrong wrong wrong with that! It's time to wake up people!

  4. I so agree. Decent healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and most especially for one of the most powerful nations in the world, you would think. And the better educated people are, the better able they are to find good jobs and take care of themselves and be good contributors to society. Again, I love that Denmark has higher education and healthcare for all, as well as helping you find another job should you lose yours. If I could, I would move to Denmark....

  5. Good to hear some GOOD words about the President :)
    I grew up on socialistic health care regimen, with free education, etc, etc. And the only things I have to say... until the former USSR decided to be 'cool" and westernize, that was one of the healthiest , best educated and "green" countries. I remember having only glass bottles, metal or wooden plates ( over plastic or paper) , brown papered books, bring-your-own-bad only stores ( or carry in hands or buy at the store), as well as "paper" ,glass , metal saturdays, when school kids went collecting those from people who were de-junking their apartments. No ADD, ADHD, cancer. Yeah, we HAD to go to see the doctor for preventative care every 4 months, just to check, otherwise the doctor would come to visit YOU. But if "loosing freedom" means loosing death, pain and sorrow - I am all for it. Oh, and free apartments... Bare minimal rent, absolute minimum, all housing owned by the government, dispersed at need : a single person or young couple ( married only , of course ) would never live in a 3 bedroom. 2 maximum, no matter how rich they are. But a poor family with 4-5 kids would have a 6 bedroom, paid for by government, as well as many other benefits. Hospital stays for everyone - free. and encouraged in cases of hard diagnosis , for proper evaluation. hospital food -free and YUMMY, with choice menue andall. Public trasportation- WONDERFULLY done. There was nothing bad in those, Obama wants to create similar.I wish him success in ALL.


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