November 06, 2009

To boot or not to boot?

Cold weather is no joke, and neither is fashion. With the N, NE and NW winds blowing , something warm and comfy is really appealing. I see a lot of these around the city :

My personal favorite? THESE! Color and comfort? Can't beat that.


  1. #3 is my favorite, although they are all super cute even if the heel is only two inches. I love #3's color and layered texture. Super cute with dark skinny jeans tucked in and a print pea coat.

  2. Oh, I have really debated about putting #3 as my fav! The only reason the Frye made it over is that # 3 is that I KNOW that Frye is super comfy. And I must admit, although I am a no-less-then-5"-heel person, I AM growing to love the lower heel look. Seeing everyone around in them - super cute. Better on then I'd imagine


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