February 11, 2010

Excuse me, but!

After Amy posted this on her blog ( please, watch it) , the kids have been very impressed by what they've learned. We talked about why and how animals are raised, and what they are actually intended for, and what kind of milk is good, and how the cows ( pigs, chickens) need to be treated for us to benefit from their offerings. We talked about many things. And they have learned.

As we were moving through a VERY long line at Trader Joe's, we inevitably stopped by the meat section. Since the space is small, there really is no difference ( or room) between the shoppers, those that wait in line, and the fridge itself. A shopper stretched his arm to the hamburger. A 3 year old has spoken:

"Excuse me, but! You are NOT supposed to eat that! The animals don't grow in the barn, they get sick and scared and it is bad for everybody's health! If you don't buy it, they will not kill animals, and the animals will go to the barn!"

A shopper left without a hamburger. Do I have a young politician or what?


  1. That is awesome! Give Nadya a high five for me.

  2. This is the funniest story, ever! I always feel so guilty buying meat at Trader Joe's that I often just don't and opt for polenta or something else instead. Go girl!

  3. Oh that's so awesome! I'm sure it had to make the person pause. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am SO impressed with the memory AND the dedication the 3 year old has! Definitely makes me things about MY commitments and believes. And you should have seen the face of that person :)


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