February 04, 2010

When eating healthy...

There are some things that through out the years I've noticed and learned about in regards to eating healthy, particularly fresh, living foods. If I were to summarize all in just one sentence to tell all, I'd say it like this :
People, DON'T go CRAZY.

The longer the time goes, the more I notice the extremes some 'healthy eaters' go to, ultimately making the term "healthy" be somewhat of an ironic meaning. Please, understand that there is NO one perfect way. Over the last several years I met many people. Some are the 'health world celebrities'. And watching them over the course of time is sad. Believe me , there is NOTHING that a person can tell you that is worth $600+ an hour. There is NOTHING that a "retreat" can offer , that is worth $2000 - unless it is a registered medical one ( even IF alternative, but there are STILL MDs there, and very , very good ones) . And most important - there is NO wrong way to do HEALTH food for as long as you realize what HEALTH means.

I've met some "devotee"s to the raw food world, and it is SO SAD to see many of them. One does not realize how trapped they become the moment they start seeing the world as an enemy because they eat cookies or sausages. Yes, we MUST change the current system. Raising animals to gorge on is plain wrong, not mentioning destructive to one's health ( all those antibiotics, hormones, and more important the ILLNESSES THE ANIMALS ARE NOT TREATED FOR, the fear factor ( we all know the "happy cows" commercials , right? ), etc , etc. God has given us the animals to use in time of need. Sparingly. Doing it twice a week is not sparingly. Current population, unfortunately and sadly, does not understand the value of the food or the damage it can do if used wrong. For that I believe that we all must be educated just the same way we learn to write, read, brush our teeth, etc. It delights me to see all the health foods, organic markets, or better yet - NO word "organic", but just a plain farmer's market, yet all the food you buy is CLEAN and NATURAL. THAT is the most important part. It is wonderful to see that seed growing stronger each month.

And at the same time it is sad to see the opposite. The health movement again became a commercialized break down into new , "best", "the only" diets. Sad, sad, sad. Even in the most healthy approach one cannot claim the "ONE" and only way: each body is DIFFERENT. Of course, things like eating greens, vegetables, fruit in fresh, unaltered and CLEAN state are the plain basics, and will always be there. But then again, we do not question the fact that we need to drink water.( And to make sure that it is clean). We just do, because we know we need it for the body to function. But believe me the world is NOT going to turn upside down if you eat a cookie ( gasp!) if you really want it, or a piece of cake for your birthday, or a plate of pasta, or a piece of meat. As a matter of fact... if one keeps a diet clean ( and one really , really SHOULD for the sake of self and future generations) , then tasting a badly made cookie ( or candy, or anything for that matter) , with all the additives, etc, will make you want to spit it out. You WILL taste ALL that is not supposed to be there. Which is good of itself as is.

My personal opinion : Be HEALTHY, not crazy. Being uptight about the "one and only way" is just as toxic as a red die, E251, E469, etc. I've said it time and time again, and will repeat now too: even being a "100% raw foodie" is no guarantee it is a HEALTHY eating person. IF you heard "eat all you want", "any time of day and night" , "all cookies and candies are good for you" - stop and think , if it really makes sense. Can is really be healthy by stuffing oneself until the waist bulges out? After midnight? With NUT based cookies? Can that really be normal or healthy? ( does not apply to pregnant women though! If you are - then it is. Trust your body) . Or claiming that the one and only way to keep the body young is to limit the water intake?( you'll find some supporters of that theory) . Or eating mostly "all raw" BOTTLED nutrients from "very important for proper functioning" SUPPLEMENTS because the body DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH NUTRIENTS? Don't get me wrong. I DO believe in supplementing. After all , sometimes we get kicked out of balance. The key word is SOMETIMES. I do believe in vitamins. But I believe in freshly squeezed juice more. And then there are days when I get up a little late, a juicer just does not make the cut, so in pops the kiddie vits, because it is important to have it all. But then again, I did not take any prenatals in pregnancy : it made me sick. Green juices ( yeah, the wheat grass yucky kind), however, tasted like heaven to me and were bursting with all my body and the baby needed. Most importantly, I believe in trusting your body, and using wise and knowledgeable mind for our physical part of self. Interestingly enough, those that WERE thriving on a living food diet, were not ALWAYS 100% ( so much admired) raw. Again, There is more to health then just food. Although it is very important.

Keep your head on. Keep your smile in. And ENJOY what you do. :)

PS that is a beautiful picture of a delightfully tasting raw nut cheese. Enjoy.


  1. I love you for writing this! I think you have your head set squarely on your shoulders and know how to go about this. You are not too extreme and I have NEVER seen you scold others for eating non-raw foods, etc. you are amazing! Great post.

  2. Have you read "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan? I haven't read it (yet--I really want to), but I've heard and read some interviews, and his basic argument is that we need to get back to eating REAL food, not things out of packages or with strange things added to them (I don't always do this in practice, but I'm trying...). God made the earth with food for us to eat, and it's pretty good the way he made it.

    The issue in this country in particular is that we've made a way to make food cheaper. We can (not should, but can...) eat a lot of meat because we raise 2000 chickens in a space that used to only raise 100. We keep animals in a way they were never intended to live, which makes the vulnerable to diseases, which means they need to be immunized, and it's a whole cycle that really all comes down to cost.

    There are a lot of things that I know in theory, but I need to do better at living them in practice...:)


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