February 18, 2010

Meet Lou and Lee

wearing gorgeous Lou and Lee headband

I've met Amy a few years ago, instantly fell in love with her. Style and Beauty and Authenticity. Then Amy had a baby, and I met Ann - her twin sister who took Amy's place working. And fell in love again. Style and Gorgeousness and Authenticity. Then , Amy and Ann were helping many to find and put together a style. Now they CREATE one. Years past, but Style, Beauty and Authenticity is their trade mark.

I love their work. Not only because it is so unique and beautiful. But because when you hold Lou and Lee's creation in your hands, you can see and feel the LOVE and CARE that was put into in. And , of course, the fact that both of the women continued being true self through all the years is something that is more then admirable.

Would you agree?


  1. Olya, you are so beautiful! That photo is GORGEOUS! I am so happy to call you a friend. You are so kind:) happy life is treating you well in NYC.... I am dying to come visit :)

  2. Thank you Olya, and you look like a supermodel! You have always been such a wonderful friend and I am so happy I can check your blog to see how you and your darling family are doing! This meant so much to me! You have one of the kindest hearts I know.

  3. Yes! And now I am upset that there aren't more pictures of your on your blog. You're so pretty!


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