April 29, 2010

Dancing your way home

As promised. Let me introduce one of the most famous point shoe makers, Mr Jacob BLOCH.

Bloch's philosophy of listening to dancers is still as strong today as it was when Jacob Bloch made his first pair of pointe shoes in 1932. Bloch arrived from Europe in 1931 at the height of the Great Depression and began making shoes by hand in the workshop where he lived.

Bloch loved watching ballet and visited many dancestudios. At one such studio, he noticed a young dancer who was having trouble staying on pointe. Bloch promised he would make her a better pair of shoes, and so he did. After that, Bloch?s reputation for making good dance shoes spread rapidly.

At Bloch, the respect the company has for its clients' art is infinite. Contributing to a dancer's artistry, in even the slightest way is the ultimate Bloch goal. Admittedly jealous of their clients' artistic ability, Bloch is proud to contribute confidence and beautythrough the best dance footwear in the world.

Surprised? I was when I stumbled over the whole section of BLOCH shoes at Century 21. It appears that Mr. Bloch STILL listens to the dancers. These are the most comfortable shoes I've EVER owned. When wearing them, I feel that I have my ballet flats on. As a matter of fact, I can teach no problem in them. They allow for all the flexibility and movement, plus just the right amount of support. I love them. And the look is very flattering on the feet.

I never thought I would be able to wear flat, or , rather WANT to walk in them. But with these babies around I don't have to walk - I can just dance my way wherever I go.

PS: New York revealed quite a few "never thought I would"s for me. Come back tomorrow to read what they are.


  1. Oh! I never knew this either. Could I really love flats? I might just have to get some.

  2. I think you will! I NEVER thought I would, but I LOOOOVE those. And they look really good on the feet. And - get this - they have POINT SHOE like ones. :) Super comfy, but there is a harder square toe at the very end, you CAN get on it. ( tried and proven LOL), like wearing really comfy, super broken-in point shoes :) They look cute though.

    And the support is awesome. I have a pair and really don't want to wear anything else. not yet, at least. There are a lot more styles , this is a limited selection I found on zappos. Check if you have century 21 around, they have the best price ( under $50). DSW - next best.

  3. Just popped in from Branflake's site...these look amazing! Love all the options!

  4. Those shoes are adorable! I always hated bloch pointe shoes but now I really want some of these flats!


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