April 28, 2010

seeing the world from 4 inches lower

I was born in 4 inch heels. And actually, that is kind of true. My arches are so high, that since I remember myself, I had to have some sort of support, or it was rather uncomfortable and painful.** As I grew and gravitated towards the higher heel, little by little the flat shoe completely disappeared from my wardrobe. The only "flats" I owned were the ballet flats. Until recently.

LIving in NYC and seeing day by day, by day all the stunning beauties wearing beautiful flats ( and looking comfortable), got the better of me. I wanted to give it a try, at which I miserably failed last summer. I embraced my 4 heeled life back again, reasoning that there are plenty just as stunning beauties in heels, and I really DON'T have to wear flats. But the secret jealousy got locked in my heart. I am a perfectionist. So I nourished it for a hear, and last month determinedly decided to achieve the "flat"wear life style, even if temporarily.

I did not know that one needed to LEARN to walk in flats. Don't get me wrong - it's nothing like "learning the heels" stuff. I COULD walk around the apartment, but on the street... After about 5 minutes I was dying. Every little muscle in my legs were screaming and cursing at me. After all, they all comfortably existed for n+ years, until I decided to change that. I was so sore, it was no funny at all. Besides, I HATED the way EVERYTHING was all of a sudden bigger, taller, and I felt rather vulnerable.

And then... after about 5-6 days... the torture ended and I fell in love with my new outlook. There are some pluses that I never experienced before : like actually FEELING small ( being a dancer and surrounded by 90 lbs skinnies is not really helpful in every day life), FEELING the ground when I walk. I don't use padding in my point shoes, because I need to feel the floor. But I always walked in shoes that were at least 3 inches above the ground. The lightness of the step ( AFTER I learned how to walk ), and , of COURSE, the possibilities and versatility of STYLE. I love the many, many looks one can achieve with flats, and I have discovered, to my pleasant surprise, some really well designed and supportive flats. While I am by no means rejecting my 4''s, I am definitely enjoying the possibility ( and beauty ) of the world from 4 inches lower.

I love all the shoes , but these ones are my absolute favorites! Come back tomorrow, and I will tell you who makes them and why I love them. I promise, you will be pleasantly surprised!

** I was not born with such high arches. At some point when I was a very small child, there was a thought of possibility of flat feet. My wonderful and caring mother did all she could - from massage to physical therapy , to ensure that my feel had arches. They sure do. Which made my life as a dancer simply beautiful.


  1. My son is a toe-walker. He can walk beautifully on the tips on his toes. We always joke he'd be a great dancer, but I think that would be as true as saying a tall person would make a great basketball player.

    By the way - - I LOVE the pics of the shoes. They are all so pretty. I used to wear heels when I worked in the business world, but now that I'm in education, flats are the way to go!

  2. It's really fun! I am loving the freedom of flats. I do! BUt I love my heels too. Two different me-s. :) LOL

  3. No way! This is crazy, I didn't know BLoch made actual shoes! And I reallu need confortable shoes because I get so many foot pains from dance!! :) Great post!


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