August 01, 2012

Perfect summer desert

I found this recipe some time ago, and over the course of the past few weeks it's been a HUGE hit around these plains. It's very light, filling, not too sweet and a perfection for summer.

And one more very important fact: it literally takes 5 minutes to make it. 
150 gr { or 6 oz ( 1 package )}  blackberries
120 gr { roughly 1/2 a package}  white chocolate
1 cold egg white
150 ml {5 oz} heavy cream
2 Tbsp milk


Melt 100 gr of chocolate with milk in double boiler { just put a smaller pot over a larger with water on the bottom and LEAVE it : a trick to making perfect melted chocolate is to let it melt by itself, without touching, mixing or any other "help"}

Blend all the berries together ( minus 4-6 for decoration) 

Run the berry cream through a sifter to get rid of seeds * nutmilk bag works great too*

Whip the cold egg white until firm meringue forms

Do the same with cream 

Carefully mix whipped egg white and cream, and slowly add melted ( and slightly cooled)  chocolate

Grade the remaining chocolate

Pour the cream/chocolate mixture into wine glasses, add berry cream and slightly swirl 

Decorate with graded chocolate and berries! 

Viola! Your amazing desert is ready and awaiting! 

{ i like to cool it for a few minutes in a freezer, but there is absolutely no need. it's ready and extremely delicious! enjoy!} 



  1. That looks amazing! And I love that you loved my post because I was thinking about you when I wrote it.

    1. I am so excited for you! You have no idea! I think you'll love it :) The more I lived in the "healthy" world, the more passionate I am about it - I think we , the people :), need to go back to basics and get back to what 1000s of years of tradition taught us. Food was better then too :) And any gourmet place takes pride in quality ingredients , which really, equals health. :) Bottom line : being healthy tastes good.

  2. This looks and sounds wonderful. I love the white chocolate and berry combo! Perfect for summer :)


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