March 13, 2012

Stokke MyCarrier - best baby invention yet.

 I am a firm believer in a baby-parent connection.

I do use a stroller - though I did toss and turn over that one - but I do have my non-negotiable "must face mom" requirement , and loved my Xplory for that ( more reasons here) . But I also very firmly believe in baby carrying - we've noticed a huge difference in my children as we started to implement that principle.

This is not my first child, and , believe me , we've been through it all - baby bjorns, ergos, wraps, slings - you name it, I am SURE I had it. While all are good in their own way, the reason I've had that many was because one was offering this feature, while the other that , etc, etc, etc. As a constant on-the-go mom AND a professional, my needs are wide. And then... some carriers simply ended up being not very comfortable after the baby turned 3-4 months , so , naturally, I searched for new.

I was thrilled when I saw this video about Stokke MyCarrier.

I was even more happy when a week or so later the very much wanted package arrived on my doorstep. I put it to use , and let me tell you : I am amazed. While I already knew that Stokke usually takes great pride and care in developing their products, I am yet to see something as well thought out as this baby carrier. Let me expand on this.

First of all,

"Stokke® MyCarrier: is a 3-in-1 carrier that easily transforms as your child grows from birth through toddler years. Thoughtful ergonomics for both you and baby. Stokke® baby carrier has an optimal positioning for your child with high tech safety features found in high quality mountaineering gear." {source}

Let me pause and rewind , did you get THIS part :"...  with high tech safety features found in high quality mountaineering gear"?!

And they are NOT kidding. I am yet to see something as secure as Stokke MyCarrier, and be as easy to use. The security it offers looks and feels identical or better then that of you use for mountain climbing , but NOT complicated to use - snap , click and off you go in 2 seconds.


" MyCarrier includes three components: the main harness with integrated hip belt, front carrier, and back carrier. Secured by double locking carabiners, safe soft breathable organic cotton textiles, all materials free from harmful substances."  {source}

Whaaat?!  " soft breathable organic cotton textiles, all materials free from harmful substances"
Thank you for thinking about my baby, our environment and also THANK YOU for not giving me the regular, non-organic, option. I think this part is really showing the high level of integrity behind Stokke mission as a company, wouldn't you agree? I also think that today this is valued more then ever.

Continuing : 

 "MyCarrier boasts an outstanding fit for adults too with an ergonomically shaped back plate to ensure comfort for the back and neck. Thoughtful touches include pockets for your keys and integrated sun/sleep shade for baby."   {source}

Ease of use : 

Now I am going to talk from my experience here .

stroller : Stokke Xplory . carrier : MyCarrier c/o Stokke

 I used this carrier for two weeks now. I used it for hours and hours at a time while pushing a toddler in our Xplory running all over the city, and I did not feel a thing. Sure, I felt the baby , BUT - the carrier morphed to my body with the weight being distributed very well  - the baby felt like a part of my body, rather then hanging on it. And considering my petite frame, THAT is a first.

Originally , my heart was won by the part that I could place a toddler INTO the carrier and THEN put the baby on me. Yes , many carriers offer the back-carry option, but you half -attach your carrier, and then you try to shimmy in the toddler , who's doing a boogie-woogie on you your back, and - as it happens too often - you are more likely then not to be in the middle of the busy pedestrian street where you really don't have that much time or appreciative audience.

I absolutely LOVE how easy Stokke made MyCarrier be: snap the baby in, kiss and swing over the back just like a backpack. Does not get easier then that.

talking to mama


I cannot thank Stokke designers enough. One of the things that always worried me is hip dysplasia for a newborn. The joints are too fragile and unstable,  and when pulled around adult body can easily be dislocated. This topic is addressed beautifully in the design of MyCarrier with the best I've ever seen baby/child positioning - just right for the little hips, protected and secured, with the carrier going around adults body and giving just enough angle for the little legs to turn out properly and THEN wrap around.


Stokke is known for being meticulous about growing spines and proper postures. MyCarrier is no exception. With the additional back support , shaped to imitate the natural curves of the spine, there is no way to feel discomfort. Honestly, they really should have called it a "Back-spa Carrier". That's what I call it around here.


I stumbled upon this video the other day and smiled - I use my carrier when I teach class, and absolutely love it. I really cannot compare it to anything , except to encourage you to try one.

Please, note - I am not being paid to advertise/promote/etc. I am, however, very impressed with this carrier and, knowing what it's like to search for the one that works,  highly recommend MyCarrier to all. You'll love it, trust me here.

PS - almost forgot. The MOST IMPORTANT part is that the baby and toddler both love it. Here is a hug , first and consciously given,  that we were so lucky to catch on camera.

And the toddler actually fell asleep the first time we were testing the back-carry position - it was evening, but nonetheless...

I hope you join into baby carrying world!  And huge thank you toStokke for making our and our children's lives be so much more easier and fun!

stroller : Stokke Xplory . carrier : MyCarrier c/o Stokke


  1. This is fantastic! Definitely letting my Sister know about this! Soon to be first time mom in ...oh any day now! :)

    1. Yes! DO! I wish they had it around when I had my first...

      PS: those jeans are pretty awesome! I'm so going to AE tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for this review. I am currently pregnant and baby is arriving any day now. We originally had the BabyBjorn with baby #1 (but oh my, try to discuss it with anyone now and it's *horrible*), I've used ring slings around the house, but don't find them very comfortable for my back as baby gets bigger. Only today after researching the Ergo & Beco, etc, did I hear about the Stokke. Thanks for your views :)

  3. Great review. We've got the Xplory but I had no idea there was a carrier available as well. Glad I found your site as we googled :)

  4. Hi! I goggled stokke mycarrier reviews and stumbled on to your site. So glad I did! I'm debating whether or not to purchase the mycarrier. Right now I have the boba and the ergo. I love the boba but my baby is quickly growing out of it. Do you still love the mycarrier? Is it worth the price??

    1. It is ABSOLUTELY worth the price! EVERY PENNY! I am SO. GLAD I got it! I use it almost every day - running to/from places, there is nothing like it on the market . I have 2 ergos but they do NOT compare. Stokke is MUCH better quality , PLUS it is MUCH, MUCH , MUCH easier on your body to carry a baby. I feel like it literally blends with it. And the back support that MyCarrier has - it's amazing. Makes your spine feel relaxed, despite of having a child on. I do not feel the weight of my, now 3 1/2 year old when I carry her - that is a first. After months and months of HEAVY usage , it's in impeccable shape, like new. A big one for me too.

      As far as the baby goes - once you get it, you'll see how MUCH MORE comfortable the baby is in this carrier ( and properly position) vs any other one out there. It made me wonder how I could not see something that obvious before, but I really could not - since there were nothing to compare it to. It's so important , though, how your baby is positioned : those little bones and hips are at their crucial developmental stage. That is what I love about Stokke in general - google, you can see how much research they put into their products focusing exactly on that : proper physical development of the child. It is not so huge in the US, but in Europe every mum will tell you how important the first few years are for baby's health in general.

      GET IT!! You will be so glad you did!

    2. Thank you!! You have convinced me!!! I love your log btw. :)

  5. Love your bag that you are carrying...what kind is it? Is it a diaper bag also?

    1. no it's not a diaper bag :) I got it in a little shop in Italy, so I have no idea what brand it is either :) I love it though very much.


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