November 18, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO XPLORY-ATIONS: The Start of Golden Gate Park

Believe it or not, even though we are literally 3 blocks away, we are yet to make a proper exploration of the Golden Gate Park. We've done more when visiting, but then we did not have those darn boxes to unpack. We got really spoiled when living in the house where the noise level ( kids or otherwise) , though regulated by us always, is not that critical of an issue. Between all our schedules, late evening, nighttime or really early mornings were our "project" windows to get done whatever it is that needed attention. 

That is far from the case here. Our beautiful flat is placed right in the middle of the upper level where the owners live and like peaceful mornings, and the lower dwellers that need quietness in the evenings. So, that time frame and unpacking,  plus our school, work and after school activities and early sunsets leave us with the limited time for explorations, but we made it a goal last Friday, quickly grabbed our faithful Xplory, and actually entered the Golden Gate Park

... And then we didn't get too far.
Because it's gorgeous and filled with all sorts of interesting things that need touching, feeling, digging, etc. 
Our outing looked like this:

^^ all set and ready to explore! ^^

^^... until 5 minutes later where was some cool hole. they wondered who lived there ^^

^^ and then a little guy wanted to coo ^^ 

^^ ... so we spent another 10 minutes doing that...^^

^^... and people watching while feeding the little guy. all that cooing takes energy, you know. it should be notes that Vasilisa was in awe to find someone else with a leash. a dog in this case.^^

^^... and while the baby was eating, another one realized she was hungry too ^^

^^... so, here is to another 10 minutes to let her snack on some cucumbers and such. and it should be known that Evyianne refused to lay down for the most of the trip afterwards. I mean, completely. I spent most of the time carrying him ^^

^^ ...until we realized that he wants to sit up to look around { naturally. why didn't i think of that right away?! } look at him all perched up and happy. it is very bitter sweet to think that we actually may need so switch our beautiful Xplory bassinet for a seat... i had high hopes to keep him in it for another few months, because i don't want this baby stage to end. yes, time flies too fast ^^

^^ and then we ran into this beauty on the way to the park, so , naturally, we took a few snaps. i will have to go back for more - gorgeous, isn't it?  ^^

^^ and then before we knew it, the fog started to set in, the sun went down and it was time to run home. i may change my mind later, who knows, but for now, i find fog gorgeous and magical. you can see it above starting to come in from behind the trees^^

^^ and then we walked on to this on our way home. iphone may not have the magical capabilities, but i am so happy it captured this magical fog ^^

There is an uncountable amount of beautiful things to see and do at the park, and we started this week with the membership to the California Academy of Sciences. Kids are over the moon, and I am really excited myself.  De Young is closed today, but is top of the list for this week as well ( among another 100 things that are already there )  
 Wishing you a magical Monday and a great start of the week!
                                                  with love, from San Francisco


  1. Оля, отличная прогулка у вас получилась!!!! Твой малыш уже сидит!!!! Когда успел???? Вот уж время быстро летит, действительно... Твою дочку тоже зовут Василиса?))) Я почему-то думала, что Евангелина)))

    1. Net, vse pravil'no ti dumala! V poryadke rozhdeniya : Nikolushka - 9 let, Nadenka - 7, Evochka ( ona zhe Evangelina ) - pochti 5, Vasilisa - 2, Evyianne - novenkij :) A sidet - net ewe. Eto on tak "sidit" , potomu chto kurtka horosho derzhit, no HOCHET! Ne ulozhish' - koshmar polenejshij :) ili na rukah nosi, ili vot tak "usazhivaj", ya by ewe ne hotela menyat' lyul'ku na sidenie, vse zhe v lyulke i udobnee, i teplo ( hotya tut i ne holodno tak osobo , no vse zhe ) a on , porosenok malenkij, ne hochet... posmotrim , chto budem delat' :)

  2. Понимаю тебя))) У нас с Есенией (младшей, которой вот годик только исполнился) было так- вот сидеть и все тут, еще 4 мес. не было... Намучалась я тогда - руки и руки, особенно после операции так вообще. Слинг - шарф, который ты посоветовала, заказала тогда, на удивление быстро пришел, к стати, вот он меня сильно выручил.

    1. nu, da, esli po-umnomu, to ya teper' etot sling s soboj tozhe noshu. Odna malost' - Evyianchik vidite li slingi NE lyubit :) ego nado imenno na rukah. Porosenok.

  3. Ты уже крузи не используешь? не удобно? громоздкая, наверное. Смотрю, все больше Эксплори и скут возишь...

    1. vovse net! :) Prosto kogda mi pereezzhali, to v mashinu mi tol'ko 2 kolyaski smogli vmestit ( ewe vewi koe-kakie brali) a Crusi uehala na gruzovoj, i seichas "zarita" pod massoj korobok u Evyianchika v komnote, poslednyaya komnata kotoruyu mi razberaem. Ya ne mogu dozhdatsya, kogda ya nakonec-to Crusi smogu vozit' opyat' :) No a poka s Xplory tozhe nichego. Tol'ko Vasilisa na progulke ne pospit, no tozhe nichego. Xplory ideal'na, esli deti s raznicoj pobol'she, nam, konechno , Crusi poka v samij raz. Ili Scoot + baby carrier, togda i na trolejbuse/avtobuse mozhno legko proehat'. V amerike ti obyazan kolyasku svernut', esli hochesh na trolejbus/avtonus sest'. Vot mi i kataem vsego po nemnozhku :)


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