November 12, 2013


^^ views from the hills of San Francisco. i giggled typing this - considering our last name, this phrase has another layer to it. laughing aside , the hills and views here are breathtaking. i will make sure to share more, because it's a 'must' to experience ^^

^^ what seemed like never ending boxes then are just a few left today. oh, moving...^^

^^ that little pink jacket has been eyeing the park all day long that very day of unpacking. Golden Gate Park , with just 3 blocks away, was way more appealing then the boxes to me too...^^

^^ planning sessions can be intense for some. or look like fun puzzles for others ^^

^^ those yellow stations never get old, do they? ^^

^^ making it all official. considering the line, i was so happy i actually made an appointment. it took an hour with having one, i sincerely felt sorry for everyone else just waiting. the dmv workers were nice though, always a bonus ^^

^^ a much needed break and a conversation while eating sushi on a sunday night ^^

^^ San Francisco is gorgeous at night. i am learning night photography, because , really, it is magnificent ^^

^^ another view from the hills. marina district is really growing on me ^^

^^ from the streets of San Francisco. i may start new series. there are a lot of fun things to notice here ^^

^^ and while the outside weather is warm and welcoming ( a light jacket - just how i like it ) , the inside of the stores and window displays are all about Christmas. Target never fails with their great selections ^^

^^ if you need an easy folding stroller, the Scoot is your best friend! highly recommend it. it's my faithful companion on the MUNI, making it a breeze to get in and out,  and those trolleys are not easy climb!

^^ a little mommy on duty past saturday morning. he approved ^^

^^ same saturday morning. i love the soft light, and it looks like i have a little follower too ^^

^^ my very needed, loved and marveled over birthday present. all i want now is to get on the streets^^

^^ one of the "birthday" galleries  we hit when celebrating my birthday. david kracov art takes one of the top lines on my list of favorites now. doesn't the xplory look like it belongs in that gallery? a masterpiece of its own. and the special limited edition orange could not be more perfect for fall!^^

^^ a little taffy never hurt anyone every now and then. kids picked a couple of colors and walked as happy as could be. i bet the memories will be forever ^^

^^ something that passed through my facebook feed. i had to share, because i love every word ^^

^^ the very first picture we took when officially calling San Francisco our home, early on a friday morning. San Francisco welcomed us with sun, warm breeze and gorgeous bay. May this be a beginning to a life filled with love, warmth and happiness. ^^

We send you warm greetings and best wishes,
                                                     with love from San Francisco


  1. Оля, вы наконец-то переехали? Как я за вас рада! Поздравляю! Пусть все-все в новом месте дарит вам радость, мир и любовь)))


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